Teachers in Govt. and Private Schools are entitled to full Salary during Summer Vacation

Teachers might just be the most important people in relation to the progress of humans and the overall progress and development on earth. They cultivate and shape the minds of our young ones, and try and teach them things which they can use later in their professional lives. Hence these people deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and should be receiving a decent income. Teachers employed by the private schools are duly entitled to their salaries for the total duration of their contracts which will also include the summer vacations. This news was confirmed to the media by the Human Resources Development Fund or HADAF.[irp]

HADAF issued a press statement in which they stated that the unified contracts which had been signed by the teachers were on par with the provisions of the royal decree which in turn also calls out for an increase in their salaries. Tayseer Al Mofrej, the head of the media center at HADAF stated that these contracts of employment dictate the relationship of the teacher with the school. The contract regulates leave entitlements however this contract does not exempt teachers from working during vacation months if their services are required. He added that whether the teacher's services are required during holiday months is required is totally an internal matter for the school and should be left up to them.

The school may however not choose to whether pay or not pay the teachers during holiday months, as it is mandatory along with social insurance. Azzam Al Dakhil, the Education Minister and Mohammad Al Madi, the General Organization for Military Industry chairman had announced a new cooperation agreement between the two giants which would help in sending 5000 students on scholarships. This will be the third phase in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Foreign Scholarship Program.

This program which has been titled as Your Job and Your Scholarship has offered employment opportunities upon the completion of these scholarship programs. These programs can be from the fields of Military Industry, Space Engineering, and Heavy Equipment Engineering. Education Minister Azzam Al Dakhil stated that this new agreement includes an extensive amount of teamwork, integration, and cooperation between the ministry and the institutions of the public sector which are necessary to unify and strengthen the efforts of national development.[irp]

Chairman Al Madi stated that the General Organization for Military Industries will work for hand in hand with the ministry of education in the selection process of the rare qualities and specialties which will be offered from different prestigious universities from all over the world. The chairman added that this new agreement will ultimately bring an added value to his own organization as now they will become one of the key players or components in the technical employments within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry has started the process of linking these scholarship students with promising employment opportunities in their related fields, as was the vision of the program.

Source: Arab News

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