Dr. Yusuf bin Ahmed: A Saudi Minister who gave up his 1st class seat for a Handicap passenger

Being humble is one of the greatest traits that can be possessed by any man, woman or child. It should not matter, as to which family you were born into, we should always remember that all of us have been created by the same God that is Allah. Often world leaders and the rich and powerful forget their origins and the fact that they are equal to everyone else in the eyes of Allah, and their elite status and their power have only been given to them by the family that they were born into. Some people, however, do not forget this, and often showcase such humbleness, that it leaves the common man, speechless.[irp]

According to the local media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was reported that the Saudi Minister for Social Affairs, Dr. Yusuf bin Ahmed Al Othaimin, displayed a great gesture of humbleness and a beautiful gesture of humanity, when he gave up his first-class seat on board a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight, for a special needs passenger from Bahrain who was onboard the same flight. The Saudi Minister for Social Affairs was on a flight to Bahrain on an official visit when the kind incident took place. The special needs passenger was accompanied by an escort who was looking after the wellbeing of the special needs passenger during the flight. The Minister Al Othaimin saw the escort desperately struggling with the seat of the special needs passenger which was in the economy class.

Upon finding out the situation, the humble Minister promptly offered his own seat to the special needs passenger in first class, where the seats were obviously bigger, more comfortable and had more leg room for easy movement. The passenger was extremely grateful to the Minister for his kind and humane gesture, which has become quite a rarity in today’s day and age. The passenger deeply thanked the minister who was now seated in economy class. Obviously, the passenger did not expect the Minister to offer his seat to them.

Acts like these are what keep our faith in humanity alive. It should be the basic instinct of every Human being regardless of age, gender, creed or caste to help his human being. These actions are truly a rarity these days when the rich and powerful are seen breaking the rules and temporarily adjusting them to suit their needs and wants. In most third world countries, we see the ministers and government officials living like kings, and traveling with them, with a blatant disregard for their fellow countrymen and women, and any inconvenience that the officials might be causing them.[irp]

The Saudi Minister should be a role model for all Government officials in the entire world so that they never forget that the government is there to serve the country and the people of the country and they should do whatever they can to remove any worries and problems that the citizens of their country might be facing.

Source: Emirates 24/7

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