The moment when Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bought A380 for SR 1,200 million

Saudis are generally clichéd as big spenders. It is no doubt supported by their actions of buying luxury cars, boats, and airplanes. Saudis are also known for their exquisite taste in clothing brands and rare and expensive watches. Saudi people have been blessed with the largest oil reserves in any country on earth; hence their immense wealth comes as no surprise. Over the years many reports have been made by the media which showcase the luxury lifestyle of the Saudi people, however, the report that has recently come to light, is unlike any other report of luxury ever reported.[irp]

The Airbus Company stated in a report on Monday that His Royal Highness, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud has become the first and only individual person to become the buyer of the A380 super jumbo jet. The A380 superjumbo jet is the biggest passenger airliner in the world. The Airbus company did not, however, disclose the price tag that was paid by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud, but the A380 Jumbo Jet aircraft has an average price tag of $320 million. The Saudi Prince Al Waleed is a business magnate and has business interests in Kingdom Holding, Euro Disney, Banks and hotels. The Saudi Prince is himself a billionaire and has ordered the A380 Jumbo Aircraft to undergo a drastic “VIP” makeover. The European plane makers have said that the Saudi Prince’s A380 Jumbo, is known as the Flying Palace.

Although news had broken earlier on that a private buyer had bought the enormous aircraft, the name and identity of the buyer were one of the biggest mysteries in relation to aviation and this mystery was kept a mystery for many months. It was previously believed that the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich was the buyer of the biggest passenger aircraft in the world; however, the Russian Billionaire denied any claims that he had bought a passenger aircraft, which has a price tag of over $ 300 million for the ordinary passenger edition.

Football or soccer fans might have heard the name of Roman Abramovich, as he is also the owner of the Chelsea Football Club which is the best club currently in the Barclays Premier League, and the club itself is based out of London, United Kingdom. The Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is one of the richest people in Saudi Arabia and even the world, and last year the Saudi Prince topped the Arabian Business Rich List with a staggering fortune which measured up to $ 28 billion.[irp]

Personally, I cannot wait to see the finished product as to the changes and renovations that will take place in the newly acquired aircraft. Saudi people do not fail to impress us with the impressive customization that they do of everyday products. Some of these customizations include Gold Phones, Gold plated cars, watches with rare and precious stones embedded in them, and they can pretty much turn any common thing into Gold.

Source: Telegraph UK

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