Yes, I killed my son in Jeddah – A mother confesses after 40 years of murder

A mother’s love is something that is more powerful than any human force on earth. A mother knows when her child is sick or hurt. It is a mother’s instinct that differentiates a mother from a father. Some mothers, however, unfortunately, are not blessed with a mother’s instinct or motherly love for her child. This may be due to several reasons; however, they are not able to completely devote their time and energy to their child or children, and it is often the children who suffer through this. One such case of a woman without a motherly instinct came forward a little while back when she walked into the police station in Jeddah and admitted to the murder of her baby, which she did almost 40 years ago.[irp]

The woman, who murdered her baby ‘who was not even a year old at the time of the murder’, said that she confessed to the murder as she wanted to make peace with her past. The original report was done by the Saudi daily newspaper, Okaz, and the report stated that the woman, who was now in her late 50’s had been married off to a much older man when she was only 13 years old. The woman subsequently became pregnant soon after. The woman claimed that she was too young at the time to be married, let alone to be pregnant and then to give birth to a child.

Even though she gave birth to her child, she had no idea as to what motherly duties and responsibilities were expected to be performed by her. She then sought help and advice from an acquaintance of hers, who surprisingly told her to get rid of the child. The woman claims that she strangled the baby and after she had strangled the baby, she told her family that her son had died naturally. With great grief, the almost 1-year-old was laid to rest in a cemetery in Jeddah.

Trying to hide her guilt for almost 40 years, she finally broke and confessed to the murder as she claims that since the day of the murder, the face of her baby son had haunted her every day for nearly 40 years. The husband of the woman and the wretched acquaintance, who had advised the young and naïve woman to kill off her offspring, are both no longer alive. The woman wants to be punished as severely as possible for the crime that she committed 40 years ago.[irp]

The police were understandably baffled by the confession of this, now an old woman, and have promptly taken her into their custody until the case goes through a detailed and proper investigation as to the accuracy of the account of the mother, and the woman’s mental health. Words cannot describe the pain that I feel while writing this, it is unthinkable of a mother to strangle her own child with her own hands. We can pray for the soul of the little one, who would have been nearly 40 years old now.

Source: Gulf News

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