Husband got Blinded due to Grief of his wife’s death – A True Love Story

Finding true love is truly a blessing. Being in sync with your significant other, understanding your respective needs and wants and adjusting your life so that you and your significant other can be happy and also live comfortably, is just some of what couples who are truly in love do.

Sometimes you find a life partner who is literally your better half, and when you are married to someone for a long time, it is often difficult to imagine your life without them. It is even more difficult, however, to live your life without your loved one.

Abdullah visits her grave every 2nd week: A sixty-year-old man by the name of Abdullah is one such loving husband who walks to the graveyard at least twice a month to pay respects and visit the grave of his late wife. The wife of Abdullah had passed away almost 3 years ago due to cancer.

Abdullah, even after 3 years of living without his wife, has teary eyes whenever he visits the grave and often sits there for some time before praying for his deceased beloved wife.

He talks to her for hours: After Abdullah is done praying for his wife, he often talks to her as if she is sitting in front of him, and tells his wife about the things that he has encountered on a daily basis.

Sometimes these encounters are funny and Abdullah shares a laugh with his late wife, while some encounters make him reminisce the old times and often makes him cry and he tells his wife how dealing with her absence is proving to be an extremely difficult task.

1614 Husband got Blinded due to Grief of wife's death – True Love Story

He gets tears in his eyes whenever she is discussed: The loving husband, Abdullah, cannot forget the pain and suffer his late wife, Fatima, had to go through during her chemotherapy sessions, which confined her inside the walls of many hospitals.

Abdullah and Fatima had also been blessed with sons and daughters, and one of the sons states that his father’s eyes get teary whenever he remembers the pain that had to be endured by his beloved wife during her last days.

Abdullah lives in memories of his wife: Abdullah, who presently resides with his sons, does not venture out much, except for the daily commute to the mosque for prayers. All of Abdullah’s sons state that their father has never stopped thinking about their mother, his wife.

The sons also state that the memories of the time that their father and mother had spent together had been etched into the mind of their Father and it is highly unlikely that he would ever forget them.

He got blind for crying excessively: Abdullah’s sons have also told the media that their father had gone blind due to the excessive amount of crying that he had done over the death of their mother. Abdullah also told his sons that losing his sight did not matter and did not cause him as much grief, as much as the death of his wife, Fatima had caused him.

Any attempts by the sons and daughters of Abdullah to entertain him, show no result as he cannot forget his late wife, and can often be found mentioning her name multiple times in a conversation.