A Gynecologist left scars over Baby’s face after C-Section

Being a Doctor is the most responsible profession: No profession in all the mankind is more responsible for the life and health of human beings, as the profession of a doctor. After completing their studies, they take an oath in which they swear to serve patients to the best of their abilities and save the lives of all humans without being biased towards any creed, race or faith.

Some doctors take their job very seriously, as it should be taken. Doctors can decide the fate of a human, by operating on them to save their lives.

Irresponsible Doctors: However, there are also many such untrained or novice doctors who do not realize the responsibilities that are attached to becoming a doctor and these types of doctors often cause more damage than benefit the health and lives of other human beings and in some more extreme cases also cause deaths of their patients due to their own incompetence.

One such heartbreaking incident occurred right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recently the media reported that a medical error had occurred in Riyadh, in a hospital by the name of Yamamah Hospital.

Yamamah Hospital: It was reported that a doctor at Yamamah Hospital distorted and damaged the face of a newborn baby while the doctor was doing a cesarean delivery on one of his patients. The doctor reportedly caused great visual damage to the face of the newborn child.

In accordance with a report which had been published by the Al Hayat newspaper, the mother of the scarred newborn child collapsed immediately after she had woken up after her operation, as she could not bear to see her newborn child’s face scarred and damaged to such an extent.

1612 A Gynecologist left scars over Baby’s face after C-Section

It was doctor's fault: No mother could bear to see her newborn childbearing visual signs of cuts and scars on the face right when the child was born.

The injury which happened to the child was completely the doctor’s fault and it was due to the negligence of this surgeon, who either did not know how to properly use a scalpel or was least bothered as to the implications of his actions, that the child has been scarred horrifically all over his little face.

When the unprofessional doctor had been confronted as to what he had done, the doctor gave a very laid back and casual reply that these horrific scars were nothing but a scribble and there was nothing to worry about.

Official Complaint has been lodged: According to the Al-Hayat news report, an official complaint was submitted to the administration of the hospital, only after the novice and careless doctor blatantly refused to issue a medical report on the status of the damage done to the face of the child.

No medical report was issued by the doctor as he was afraid that he would have been instantly proven guilty through that report. The case is now under investigation by the Health Affairs’ General Directorate in Riyadh and we sincerely hope that if the doctor is proven to be at fault that he is never allowed to practice again so that no other child should face what this child had to face.

Source: Riyadh Connect