A Saudi Driver fined SR 966,500 for crossing red signal

Fines for traffic violations can be a real hassle, especially if you do not realize that you have violated any traffic laws. People argue endlessly that they did not violate any rules; however, some countries have properly closed circuit televisions which help them identify traffic law violators and provide them with proof if any person might want to claim that an unfair violation has been associated with them. Sometimes, however, such fines are imposed on a traffic law violator that it can often leave the violator, and those reading his story in complete shock and disbelief.[irp]

Marzouq Al Rouqi, who is a famous and well recognized Saudi poet, received a message on his cellular device, sometime earlier on, which stated that the famous poet had to pay an unbelievable amount of SAR 966,500 ($257,000) as a fine for a traffic violation that he had done.  Yes, that is the correct amount and no there is no extra zero added incorrectly at the end. The initial story was reported by the Gulf News and they reported that the esteemed poet had received the astonishing fine, for crossing a red light. The famous poet was so shocked at the amount of the fine that was imposed on him that he reportedly read the text message many dozen times and still could not grasp on to what had just happened. The esteemed poet has told to the media that this was obviously a fault in the system that might have been caused by a glitch, and this could also mean that some drivers might have received fines for something that they have not done.

The poet states that some drivers have received fines of SAR 500 or 600, while none have reportedly received an amount as great as his fine. He has also appealed to the respective authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the absurd fine that has been imposed on him, and the system that produces and distributes these fines through text messages. Now the Ministry of Interior has launched a proper online way to challenge any type of Traffic Violation received from Saher System. We have explained this procedure in detail in this link “Procedure to Challenge/Dispute Traffic Violation

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced Saher, which is an automated traffic management and control system. This system has been setup in most of the cities in the Kingdom and has been set up to control the road offenses and the notorious chaotic driving in the country. A wide network of mobile radars and digital closed circuit cameras automatically monitor the traffic violations that might be taking place and the system also issues fines for these traffic violations automatically.[irp]

If the person who has received a fine for the violation of the traffic law does not pay his dues within one month of receiving the fine, the amount of the fine is doubled, in accordance with the new traffic laws that have been implemented in the Kingdom. On the official Saher website, all the citizens and residents have been strongly advised to update their personal information in the system so that they do not miss out on receiving a notification of the tickets of their traffic violations.

Source: Gulf News

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