Do you know what is inside the Crescent of Makkah Clock Tower?

Makkah Clock Tower: Right in front of the holiest place in the world, (the Holy Kaaba) stands the beautiful and elegant Makkah clock tower. This huge clock tower was inaugurated in 2013 and at that time was the third tallest building in the world.

The tower itself stands tall at 607 meters, and on top of the clock tower is an extremely beautiful golden crescent, which can be viewed from far away. Even though most of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might know this, there is something that they surely do not know.

What is inside the Crescent of Makkah Clock Tower? At the base of this huge beautiful crescent is a very special room. This special open-air room, located so high on top of this tower, has been dedicated solely for prayers, and to serve Allah.

This room has now become the highest place of worship anywhere all around the world. 

The engineer who had worked on the construction of this huge clock tower has stated that those who had initially planned to construct the huge clock tower in front of the Holy Kaaba wanted that a place of worship be built on top of the tower which had the Holy Kaaba, which is also the house of Allah, in their sights while praying.

It is due to their initial wish that this room was created high up, in the base of the huge crescent.

How to reach there? This room which was initially created to pray to Allah can only be accessed through a high-speed lift, and after the lift, 18 meters has to be covered on foot. Another alternative to this is the world’s tallest chairlift which can be used to reach the very top.

Even though we do not know if public access the top of the crescent, I can say for certain that many brave people who do not fear heights will want to travel to the top of the crescent to pray in the highest prayer room in the whole world.

What is the cost? It is said about the construction of the Makkah clock tower, that the financial implication that was occurred to construct this huge tower was estimated to be somewhere around US$ 1000 million or 1 billion.

The clocks which have been placed on each side of the tower have a surface area of 43 meters each. It is estimated that each hand of the clock weighs in at a whopping 1.5 metric tons.

LED Lights: The tower gets even more beautiful at night when all the LED lights placed all along the length of the tower illuminated. It is estimated that 2 million LEDs are placed all over the tower and it lights up the sky once the lights have been turned on. The light from this tower can be seen from around 17 kilometers away.

This is one of the most beautiful sights apart from the Holy Kaaba that one can lay their eyes on. As night falls the city truly turns into the city of lights.

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