A man caught with housemaid, had to pay SR 50,000 to his wife for forgiveness

Be Loyal to your Life Partner: Temptations are present all around us, in different forms, whether we surrender to these temptations, is up to us.

When we marry someone, we choose them as our life partners, it is our duty to fulfill each and every need of our life partner and also try our best to always keep them happy.

This cannot be achieved if married people engage in acts of sexual nature with someone other than their life partner.

According to a report by the Al Arabiya, a Saudi man had to pay his wife a huge sum of money just so that he could be forgiven for engaging in inappropriate acts with the maid that worked in their home.

SR 50,000 for forgiveness: The man reportedly was making out with their Ethiopian maid and had to pay his wife a whopping SR 50,000  so that he could literally earn her forgiveness. 

How was he caught? The Saudi man was caught by their six-year-old daughter, making out with the Ethiopian maid, she reported her father’s actions to her mother. 

However, sources close to the family and the extended family are denying any reports that there was an affair between the man and maid.

Neighbors had to interfere: The neighbors of the Saudi man stepped in and calmed the wife down, who was calling the police.

The neighbors were successful in achieving a middle ground and a deal could be made. The deal consisted of a few terms and conditions, which were naturally all made by the wife.

Terms and Conditions of Deal: These terms included that the sponsorship of the Ethiopian maid would be reassigned to another household and an agreement was also made that from now on all maids that will be hired will be at least age 50 or above.

I don’t know how men or even women can think about being unfaithful to their significant others especially if they have a child together. Lust can take over a person quickly; however, they must realize that this could ruin their family and their reputation too.

Work on your marriage, rather than look for love elsewhere: It is much wiser to work on your marriage, rather than look for love elsewhere. 

The wife can now enjoy her grief recovery time while enjoying shopping and eating, and pretty much anything she would want to do because $13000 can help a lot if you are planning on getting rid of the grief through shopping or by traveling.

The husband will hopefully be wiser from now on, as this single kiss with his maid cost him greatly, and if there is a next time, the wife might not be as forgiving.

Source: Al Arabiya