Bangladesh uses Arabic Text to stop people from peeing in Public

Public urination is a common menace in most third world countries. People living in these so called third world countries over time get used to this public menace and although there have been many initiatives aimed towards ending this social menace, people have learned to turn a blind eye towards this public indecency. Some countries have tried to tackle this situation head on, and are being successful in doing so. One such example could be Bangladesh. For many years Bangladesh and its people have fought hard to put a final stop to the indecent act of public urination. The Bangladeshi authorities have tried putting up signs in the local Bengali language; however, it had failed to stop the endless number of people from urinating in public.[irp]

The religious affairs Ministry in Bangladesh has now come up with a unique and brilliant plan to stop people from this indecency in public. The religious affairs ministry decided to put up no public urination signs in the Arabic Language, even though most of the citizens of Bangladesh cannot read Arabic. For most of the citizens in Bangladesh, a country with a Muslim majority population, Arabic is considered sacred, as it is the language in which the Holy Qur’an, the holy book of Muslims, had been revealed in. Anwar Hossain, a spokesman for the ministry of religious affairs stated in his talks with the media that the campaign had so far received a positive and great response. The spokesman added that the people of Bangladesh have a very high respect for the Arabic language and the ministry has just utilized their respect for the language.

A public service message video against the act of public urination is currently going viral in Bangladesh and the 2-minute long video promoting the new signs in the Arabic language. The video had been uploaded on to the social media, about a week ago. In the video a group of people is shown heading towards a public wall, however, they step back from the wall as they fear they will commit a sin when they see a sign in Arabic forbidding them to urinate ion Public.

The Bangladeshi Religious Affairs Minister, Matior Rahman stated that\ he has no clue as to why people willingly and habitually urinate on public walls by the side of the road. The Minister, Rahman, added that every mosque offers toilet facilities which are open to all regardless of creed, race or any other thing Naturally some people within Bangladesh were not at all happy about this new public service initiative. One of the more influential clerics, Fariduddin Masud was amongst those who opposed the initiatives because he thought that the prestige and respect of the Arabic Language had been destroyed by this initiative.[irp]

The cleric stated that nobody has the right or authority to use the language in which the Qur’an was revealed, for such a campaign. The cleric added that the people of Bangladesh have great respect for the Arabic language; however, that does not mean that people will tolerate the use of Arabic to stop the menace of public urination.

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