5 Advantages of Processing Permanent Family Visa Online

The process for applying for a Visa for Permanent Residence has become extremely easy for you and your family. Now, this can be done from the comfort of your bedroom through the website, online. There are numerous advantages for people who apply online for the Visas. We have explained the procedure in the below link “Apply for Permanent Family Visa Online”. There are several benefits of applying for the permanent family visa online and we have tried to explain them below.[irp]

1-The online process of issuance of Visas is extremely fast. The completion of the online process takes around about a half an hour. Once the online process has been completed you have to get it attested by the Chamber of Commerce and get it stamped too. Many of the reviews on the Visa website claim that users got Visa confirmation just after 2 – 3 days of getting their form stamped.

2-Anybody who despises paperwork as much as I do know the fact that there is nothing that can spoil your day than to have to do a pile of paperwork. This paperwork can lead from insurance paperwork to paperwork for your passport and visa. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as is common knowledge has a wide variety of Visas which can be applied for, and which cater to every need and demand of those who wish to travel to the Kingdom. Then there are those residence Visas which are constantly being applied for, as there are a great number of expatriate workers living and working in the Kingdom. Now, anybody who works 5 or 6 days a week and looks forward to the weekend to unwind and enjoy, does not want to fill up their day completing paperwork. The Saudi authorities have obviously come to terms with the fact that people just do not want to do extensive paperwork and hence have come out with a brilliant solution.

3-The online applicants also do not need to show any attested documents to any concerned authority in Saudi Arabia. The applicants are even exempted from producing their Marriage Certificate and their educational degrees or certificates. Unlike the old-school method, the online application also does not require any sort of letter from the Saudi Council of Engineers.

4-The best advantage to online applicants is that there is no Istiqdam Appointment needed. Everyone who has ever applied for an Istiqdam online recently knows what a headache it has become. The appointment system is shut down for most the time and when it randomly restarts, the appointment can take up to 2 months. The online Visa applicants, however, do not have to waste so much time and can directly apply for the visa.

5-Every reader of this article, who is planning on applying for the permanent residence Visa for their families and them, should apply online. The advantages are clear cut and most of the prospective applicants do not need any sort of motivation to choose the online application method rather than the Istiqdam. However, if for some odd reason the online application does not work for you, you can always go for the Istiqdam. There is no harm in trying.

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