9 Expats arrested for transferring money over the Limit – Money Laundering

Money laundering is fast becoming one of the most common international crimes all over the world. The United Kingdom has been cracking down hard on money launderers who are either bringing in money from other countries or taking out money to other countries. In the United Kingdom, the crime of money laundering is at par with, or a more serious offense as Rape. Pakistan is also facing a great money laundering problem; recently one of the most prominent fashion models was arrested in Pakistan trying to exit the country with a sum of money greater than US$ 500,000. The media is reporting that she was allegedly working as a mule for a prominent politician of the country who was having an extramarital affair with the model.[irp]

Today the money laundering case that we will be highlighting; however, is the incident which has been caught within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to reports in the media Police in the city of Makkah have arrested around nine expatriates who are suspected of being involved in laundering money out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All the expats are said to belong to Asian countries. The law enforcement agencies claim that this group of Asian expatriate is responsible for laundering around SAR 77 million out of the Kingdom, to another international account in another country. The police believe that these men were involved in a highly intricate, well thought out, and beautifully executed money laundering scheme.

The spokesman for the Makkah Police Department, Lieutenant General Ati Al Quraishi stated in his talks with the media that the Asian expatriate men were responsible for transferring around about SAR 2 million out of the Kingdom and into International accounts per day. The spokesman Al Quraishi stated that the Makkah Police Department had worked extremely hard and with the utmost dedication to nab these money launderers, by tracking their transactions and pinpointing their exact coordinates so that they could be located.

The police, after preparing a plan and assembling a team, raided the house that these expatriate men were reportedly staying in. A raid was conducted on the residence of these Asian expatriates, and once the police entered the house, they found lying around, more than SAR 1.5 million in cash, while other things which were found in the residence included several other mobile phones and computers. However, a Money counter was also found in the residence, in the possession of these men, and the money counter along with the huge pile of cash left nothing up to our imagination and sealed their fate.[irp]

No country would allow anyone, be it a local or an expatriate working in the country to illegally deprive the country of its money hence weakening the country’s economy bit by bit. These men are expected to be presented in court soon, where I am sure they will be convicted as the evidence against them is undebatable. As far as the limit of transferring money to your home country is concerned, there is no limit for that. You can transfer all your white money to your home country with legal ways of transferring money.

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