The brightest spot seen from space on Earth are Makkah and Madina – Russian Astronauts

Many people around the world believe the rumor that the Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space. The distance of satellites that orbit the earth is so great that it can merely see the land and oceans during the day and at night the lights illuminate the part of the world.

Recently the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had the 25th Assembly of the Association of Space Explorers program, which was held in Riyadh. During this program, a group of 4 Russian astronauts also visited the Prince Salman Science Oasis (PSSO).

The four Russians spoke to the media and the students who had come to attend the program, that when they were in space, they would often take pictures of the earth during different times and of different places on earth.

The Russians stated that out of all the places on earth, the places which shined the brightest were the cities of Mecca and Madinah. They added that the center of these two holy cities particularly shined the brightest.

The supervisor of the PSSO, General Khalid Abdul Gader Taher, was the host of the astronauts and he had briefed his esteemed guests as to what they did at the PSSO. One of the Russian astronauts stated that the view from space of Mecca and Madinah was spectacular and breathtaking.

He added that no other place on earth shined as bright as the two holy cities at night. The four Russian astronauts who visited the PSSO are Andrey Borisenko, Anton Shkaplerov, Alexander Samokutyaev and Boris Mescherykov.

The PSSO is a completely non-profit organization which is developing an interactive center for science, which will attract people of all ages. The aim of the PSSO is to provide a better understanding of science and provide practical applications to these sciences.

The PSSO believe that this is greatly beneficial for all the mankind and vital to peace and prosperity on earth. The council for the space explorers program is headed by none other than Prince Sultan bin Salman, who is also the President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.

The Prince is also one of the founding members of the Association of Space Explorers and hosted the 25th assembly of the association. General Khalid Taher who was the Mayor of Madinah, said in his opening note, that these Russian astronauts were not, in fact, Russians but were earthlings.

He added that he himself was not a Saudi man and was instead an earthling just like the Russians. The general also stated that every one of us was in fact brothers, whose focus should be to serve humanity and do something which will benefit all the mankind.

He praised the Russian astronauts for their bravery and called them extremely lucky. The reason behind calling them lucky was that these 4 Russian men got the chance to look at earth from outer space which has enabled them to understand the universe they are living in. I hope it will inspire many others.

Source: Arab News

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