4 Questions you should ask your School going Kids every day

The school going days of any child is the most constructive and developing period of the children. During these days’ children, learn to live by a timetable and learn to take on responsibilities. Although most children enjoy going to school, learning and being away from home for half the day surely has its toll on the kids. At the end of the school day, the children are tired, hungry, sleepy and a bit cranky too. If you are a parent who experiences the same thing in their children, then here are a few ways you can ask about the children’s day at school, without annoying their cranky state of mind.[irp]

1-As a parent, you should always ask your child about the best part of their day at school. This allows them to look at the positive outcome of attending school on that day while also taking light away from the rough times that the child might have gone through. Children tend to answer honestly, and will always tell them the best part of their day.

2-As a responsible parent, it is also your duty to ask your children about the worst part of their school day, remember you might not want to ask this question right after school. This question will provide a clear image of all problems that a child might be facing, whether it is academic problems or problems with friends. Parents should help children figure out a way of turning these bad parts and making them good parts, or at least neutral part of the day.

3-Whatever age a person might be in, the best way to make new friends or spend time with old ones is to share a meal. Parents should know who their child has been sharing their lunch time with; this will allow you to assess whether the child is making friends or having difficulty doing so. Apart from lunch, you should also ask your children directly if they have made any new friends or have been playing with any new friends during recess.

4-Classes might be the most boring part of the school day, but they are the most important part. Parents should ask their children if they particularly enjoy some subjects, or do not enjoy them. This is the best way to measure the academic progress of your child. This will also show you your child’s academically weak areas so that you can prepare for either tutoring them yourself or hiring a tutor.

As I previously stated, classes are the most important part of the school day. This makes the teachers the most important people in your children’s school day. The attitude and personality of the teacher play a significant role, in the early years of a child. A teacher with negative attitude may discourage children from taking interest in that subject. Asking how their teachers were in class, can also reveal if any teacher is being unfair towards your child. Parents should ultimately remember to greet your children with a big hug every time they come home from school as the day sometimes takes its toll on the little children.


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