4 Ways to Survive Cruel Traffic of Riyadh & Jeddah

Traffic is everywhere: Riyadh & Jeddah are always so busy. Here and there, everywhere is just traffic. If you call them cities of vehicles instead of Arabs, it would be a better name to be given off. The highways are full of traffic and streets are replete with cars 24/7 hours a week.

For drivers, it is a challenging task to stay safe in such crowded areas, especially for expats. Traffic moves like a turtle and you will surely forget the traffic of Tokyo. This is not the end of the story; the drivers of Riyadh & Jeddah have totally got exceptions for adherence to speed limits or compliance with signals or traffic rules.

Everyone drives according to his moods and there is no concept of keeping a safe distance or to set criteria for moving on the road. It sounds casual but has resulted in so many traffic accidents and precious lives lost. If you are new in Riyadh or Jeddah, you must learn few golden rules to survive on roads.

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01-Set a new driving Strategy: If you are an expert driver, so confident about your skills and planning to show this to public in Riyadh and Jeddah, there is a piece of advice for you to unlearn all your skills and expertise and try to set a new criterion for your existence on the roads of Riyadh and Jeddah.

Driving in Riyadh & Jeddah is going to be a totally different experience, so the strategy should be unique.

02-Stay in the middle Lane: Drivers from Riyadh and Jeddah are not so concerned about compliance with traffic rules and lane keeping. The corner lines can be challenging spaces for expats and new drivers. Try to stick to middle one; it mitigates the risk of an accident.

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03-Switch on your turn indicator: Many offensive and crazy drivers, instead of keeping their own lanes, try to ask other drivers to move their cars to other sides. It leads to irregularity and cars gets stuck with each other. You should always use your indicators before making a right or left turn.

One wrong move can grab the attention of Saher (Traffic Police Sargent) and will drag you away from your destination. Drivers normally, while showing their expertise on the roads of Riyadh and Jeddah intentionally avoid using turn indicators while changing their lanes. It leads to many accidents and irregularities.

The common perception of not using the turn indicators is that the moment you intend to change your lane, the turn signal makes other alert and they fill up the distance between lanes.

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04-Set your exit beforehand: Drivers try to show stunts and keep on moving in all five lanes while driving. It leads to an unfairly long distance for them to reach their destination.

Try to set your exit point beforehand while joining a lane. If you are observing someone trying to show his stunts and driving skills by drifting from one lane to another, try to make him alert with honks that his activity is being observed by others.