List of Iqama Professions related to Finance and Audit

I know there are many accounting, finance, and Audit related qualifications and every professional want to choose the profession on his Iqama according to his qualification. I have given the List of all Iqama Professions related to Finance and Audit below. Mr. Zuhaib Ali who works in HR department of a reputed company in Saudi Arabia has shared with us the following list of professions of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

The source of the list is the system of Ministry of Labor as Zuhaib has taken this from the website of Ministry of Labor. I have noticed that many people face problems at the time of deciding correct profession for them. Well, now your problem is resolved as you have a comprehensive and complete list of professions in Saudi Arabia. You can select profession as per your requirement and give government relations officer of your company the Arabic name, English name and even the code number of the profession. I am very thankful to Mr. Zuhaib Ali for sharing this useful file with us.

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List of all Iqama Professions in Saudi Arabia

رمز المهنةاسم المهنةاسم المهنة باللغة الانجليزية
1217081مدير ائتمانManager, credit
1217131مدير حسابات وميزانيةManager, accounts and budget 
1217181مدير ادارة استثمارالنقدInvestment & cash department manager
2133111أخصائي تحليل الأعمالJunior Business Analyst
2218161مدقق داخلي أنظمة جودةInternal guality control auditor
2218171كبير مدققي أنظمة جودةSenior guality control auditor
2218191رئيس برامج التدقيق الداخليChief of internal auditing programs
2421481أستاذ علوم مالية وتجاريةProfessor, financial sciences
2423011محلل مهنيVocational analyst
2611021محــلل سياسيAnalyst, political 
2612021محلل اقتصاديAnalyst, economic
2612041محلل ائتمانAnalyst, credit
2621011منظم ميزانيةBudget organizer / planner
2621021محلل ماليAnalyst, financial
2621031مراقب ماليController, financial
2621081مراجع داخليInternal auditor
2621141مشرف مراجعة ماليةFinancial Auditing Supervisor
2621151مراجع مالي اولSenior Financial Auditor
2622011محاسب عامAccountant, general
2622021محاسب تكاليفAccountant, costs 
2622031مدقق حساباتAuditor, accounts
3621012فني حسابات عامAccounts technician General
3621022فني تدقيق حساباتAccounts auditing technician
3621032فني حسابات كلفةCost accounting technician
4211073كاتب حسابات رسومFee accounts clerk
4211113أمين صندوقCashier
4211183كاتب ماليةFinance clerk
4212013صراف نقود في المؤسسات التجاريةCashiers in establishments
5211153محاسب زبائنCashier

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