Saudi Man Marries to a Student, Teacher, Supervisor & Principal of the same School

Islam allows 4 marriages: Our religion allows us marriage to 4 wives if all of them can be equally treated, and no favoritism is shown to any one of the wives. Doing so, is perfectly alright, despite the bashing that the western media tends to give all Muslim men, who marry more than 1 wife.

They somehow don’t take into consideration, the guidelines that a Muslim man has to follow if he wishes to marry more than one wife. Having multiple wives is a tricky thing, the husband must ensure that none of his wives feel that they are being mistreated or the other wife is being given more time and love.

4 Women from the same School: Women, tend to have different relations with their husband’s other wives. Some are totally not on talking terms with the other wife or wives, while some are extremely friendly with one other.

This attitude can particularly affect your daily life especially if all the wives happen to work or study at the same institution. Such a case has been reported from right here in the Kingdom, where a man has married 4 women, who belong to the same school.

1545 Saudi Man Marries to a Student, a Teacher, a Supervisor & a Principal of the same School

The Youngest Wife is still studying: These women range from a student to the principal. The female student, who is currently studying at the secondary level, has the same husband as her own teacher, the teacher has the same husband as her supervisor and the supervisor and Principal also have a common husband.

All 4 are living happily: Western people might be astonished if they are reading this, and I must admit so am I. There must be some awkwardness or jealousy among 4 wives. However, such is not the case, all 4 of the wives have learned to accept the others and live peacefully with the other wives.

The School is in Jazan: This has to be some major coincidence. The school has not been named but is somewhere in the Jazan region of the Kingdom. One of the wives, who worked as a teacher at the school, has shared with the media her experience of the whole ordeal and how she works to make all the marriages work, including her own.

The teacher-wife has stated that she feels that nothing has changed since she has gotten married to the same man as her student, the supervisor and the principal of the school. This arrangement between the four women has become a topic of frequent discussion in the school and the surrounding areas.

1545 Saudi Man Marries to a Student, a Teacher, a Supervisor & a Principal of the same School 02

Everyone in the School talk about the strange arrangement: The students and some local people frequently talk about the strange arrangement that exists among the four women. However, this arrangement has also caused many people to raise eyebrows at the women.

I believe that if a person is happy in their marriage, then it is by no means, any business of anyone else to even think about their supposed arrangement and their daily life. If the 4 women do not have a problem with their marriage, then neither should the students or anyone else.

Source: Gulf News