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Twitter is a social networking service on the Internet that allows users to read and send short messages comprising of 140 characters. These messages are called tweets. The users need to be registered on the social networking site to post and read tweets; however unregistered users can also view the tweets but can’t post anything. Users can access the social networking program through their mobile application, by SMS or through their website. The social networking giants are based out of San Francisco and have more than 25 offices spread out across the world. Everybody these days is on Twitter; some are tweeting on important world issues, while some are simply posting gibberish. Every country seems to think that they have the most users on Twitter, so to prove what country is at no.1 in the most active usage of the social networking service.[irp]

According to research, it seems that Indonesia hosts two of the most active cities in the world in relevance to several tweets that originate from the area. This research was initially done by a French social media monitor known as Semiocast. The city on the top of the list is Jakarta and Bandung also comes in at no.6 on this list. According to a survey done by the French social media, monitor revealed that more than 11 billion public tweets were issued in the month of June alone, and out of those 2 percent were from Jakarta only, which has earned the title of the most active city on Twitter. This has even been stated on their website. Second on this list is Tokyo which is closely followed by London, Manchester, New York, Bandung, Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago and finally Riyadh.

The study that has been conducted on the social networking service has concluded that the users who were based in Jakarta were, in fact, the most active users amongst all the cities which have been ranked by the number of tweets that had been posted from the respective cities, and their countries. However, in terms of the most active country on Twitter and the number of Twitter accounts per country, Indonesia came in fifth on the list. The list was topped by the United States who was followed by Brazil, Japan, and Great Britain. The countries that followed Indonesia on the list from 6th to 10th positions were India, Mexico, Canada, Spain and finally the Philippines.

Indonesia itself boasted 29.4 million user profiles on Twitter; these numbers are recorded as of the end of June 2012. This number is only slightly lesser than the number of Twitter user profiles from Great Britain which amounts to 32.2 million users. The social media monitor Semiocast has stated that more than 517 million Twitter user profiles had been set up before the 1st of July, which was inclusive of 140 million new user profiles only from the United States.[irp]

Twitter is available in many languages and even though English is the most commonly used language on Twitter, which is followed closely by Japanese. It should also be noted that the U.S hosts about 26 percent of all the public tweets, who are followed by 10.6 percent.

Source: Forbes

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