How to perform Hajj on Family Visit Visa?

Many people bring their families before Ramadan so that they can spend Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and go to Makkah and Madina to worship. Some people want to perform Hajj on Family Visit Visa and wonder if they can really do it?

They have been asking me questions about the procedure to get Hajj Permit for Visit Visa Holder in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Khan has explained the procedure below.

How to perform Hajj on Family Visit Visa?

Most of the people do not know that they can perform Hajj on family visit visa legally. Surprisingly, the procedure is in place for since 2015 but not many people know about it. We have explained the procedure in detail to perform Hajj on Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia.

The first requirement to perform Hajj on Family Visit Visa is that the person who is willing to perform Hajj on visit visa should be in Saudi Arabia.

1-Before you book a Hajj for visit visa holder, you need to visit the Jawazat and inform them about the person which will be doing Hajj on visit visa. They will make an exception in their system with the border number under which the visit visa holder entered Saudi Arabia.

2-This may require convincing the Jawazat the reason for performing Hajj on a family visit Visa. For example, the wife is in India and husband works here. How in the god's name she can perform hajj without a mahram. He cannot come on hajj visa because he is already a Saudi resident. This option was created specifically to handle such situations.

3-Once they created an exception in their system, you can book hajj like any other resident. Instead of entering Iqama number, you will use border number and visa issue date while booking. You will have to pay for the Hajj just like any other normal package.
4-After you get the approval for hajj from the Jawazat, you need to go to the Jawazat to get Hajj Tasreeh or Hajj permit printed. Although residents can print their Hajj tasreeh printed from the Abshir system, these people will have to get it from the Jawazat.

The source of the information

I work for the Ministry of Hajj, so I know the procedure. If anybody has doubts they can try themselves when the Ministry of Hajj opens booking on the 1st of Shawal. Try typing the border number instead of iqama number.

Normally it starts with 5. The moment you type the border number. the next section will be Visa issue date rather than iqama expiry dateThe procedure is already there.

Only you need a couple of visits to the Jawazat and the power to convince the person responsible there. You can use the government relations officer of your company to do that.

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