Makkah will be the first Solar Powered City in Saudi Arabia

The Demand for Electricity in Makkah: Makkah is one of the two holiest cities on the earth for Muslims. Every year Makkah hosts millions of pilgrims who travel to the city, to perform Hajj and Umrah. Pilgrims and residents are busy in worship 24 hours in the city as it is considered a great honor for any Muslim to visit the holy city.

So many pilgrims and around the clock facilities have caused the city of Makkah to increase their demand for power. Lights, fans, escalators, and coolers all need the power to keep running.

Non-renewable Precious Resources: It is a widely known fact that the tools that we use to create power nowadays i.e. fuel and gas, are nonrenewable precious resources which are limited and can be used in other more useful alternatives.

Since the world is gaining knowledge on this issue, a lot of people have instead switched on to solar power. This is a completely renewable and can be recharged if the sun does not stop to shine.

Makkah will be the first Solar Powered City: The holy city of Makkah is all set to become a follower of this beneficial trend, and the holy city will become the first solar-powered city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is reported that several bidders have made their bids to operate and build the power plant which will reportedly produce upwards of 385 gigawatts- hours every year.  The plant will include a solar capacity of 100 megawatts.

The Mayor of Makkah, Osama al-Bar, spoke to the media in Riyadh in which he claimed that no city in Saudi Arabia owned any power generation assets. He said that it is his dream to see the holy city become the first completely solar-powered city in the Kingdom and the entire Muslim world.

It is reported that these plans are being made and actions are being taken due to the growing population and the diversification of the sources of energy which make the holy city run, are threatening to erode the status of Saudi Arabia as the biggest oil exporter in the world.

This is because the Kingdom is using a major amount of fuel to power themselves which can be instead exported around the world.

The cost of the Project: According to reports from the government, the central government is seeking an investment of $109 billion to build the solar industry.

Estimates show that the government aims to get at least 33 percent of the total power required by them, through solar power, by the year 2032. It should be noted that solar power in the Kingdom is virtually non-existent in the Kingdom.

Solar power has become one of the most sought-after sources of power in the whole world and the entire world needs to save their limited resources, such as oil and natural gas, and use renewable sources, which will benefit not only our generation but the generations to come.

Source: Bloomberg

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