Your wife can track where you went in last 30 days using Google Maps

Which one of us hasn’t watched the movie Minority Report? Everybody remembers the classic scene when Tom Cruise is on the run from the Law, but he is unable to hide as everywhere he goes, he is tracked through various means such as retina scans which are keeping track of his every move and storing the data in a central database. Although that might be in the future, today Google is becoming the tracking agent and recording your every move, wherever your Smartphone travels Google records and marks your daily route and other travels with a red dot on Google Maps.[irp]

You can easily locate your own movements by going to Google Maps on your laptop or computer and logging in with the same Google Account that is signed in on your phone and voila, all your movement for the past 30 days has been showcased right in front of your eyes. Google accounts have become a necessity these days as most of the websites like YouTube has been acquired by the Internet Giant as requires a Google account to sign in. Android devices also rely heavily on Google accounts. Imagine if someone hacked into your Google Account. They could have all your movement and could easily make out your daily routine. With this, it would not be hard for anybody to locate you and possibly harm you.

All of us are familiar with the fact that no matter how hard we work on our privacy settings, our information and data is being stored somewhere. It has been known by us for a long time but it has just been sitting in the back of our heads drowned out by other worries we face in our daily lives. However, we receive a shocking dose of reality when we see our own movements being tracked clearly on a map, on the internet, open for any hacker to view. Let this be known that any place you frequent, like your friend's house or your café, is also being noted.

When I looked at my friend's map, the one who had originally told me about this tracking being done by Google, I was amazed to see how small of a radius, our daily lives revolve in.  However, there are also places on the map that my friend has no recollection of visiting, precisely 3 routes have been marked where my friend has not even been too. Conspiracy much?[irp]

Some people, however, have beaten Google by disabling their location services properly so that they cannot even record through backdoor access to your account. If you have your location services on and are still not being tracked, then it is either the fact that you don’t exist, Google isn’t interested in you or you have beaten the system (which is hardly ever the case). Let us know if you find yourself being tracked, and what your feelings are on this issue. I know that we value our privacy greatly (or what is left of it anyways). You can check your location history from this link