Memorize the Holy Quran to get married with my daughter – A Saudi Father’s demand

Dowry is different from Mahar: We have already covered some strange dowry requests made by Saudi Fathers from the grooms of their daughters. Dowry is one of the major stigmas in Saudi Arabia which has made marriages very expensive.

It is important to clarify here that we are not talking about normal Mahar but exaggerated Mahar or dowry demanded by the relatives of Bride.

Hefty amount of Dowry: It exhibits an ugly fact that the men with higher status and wealth can marry any girl without any restriction of age or creed just for the reason because they can pay hefty dowry.

Some greedy Mahrams of brides consider women a source to earn huge wealth by claiming huge amounts from Groom or his family.

Sura Al-Mulk as dowry: Recently a man in Saudi Arabia challenged these local practices by asking Groom to make sure that he will make his daughter memorize Surah Al Mulk as his dowry and in return he wants nothing else.

It was surprising news for everyone as the bride’s daughter took an initiative against the filthy trend of getting money. Surah Al-Mulk is famous for escape from Hellfire as Holy Prophet S.A.W emphasized to recite it every night to stay away from hell fire.

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He has challenged local customs: The father of Bride mentioned that he wants his daughter to live a happy and calm life and may her life be full of peace and Allah’s blessing after her death. For this reason, he asked his son in law to make her daughter memorize Surah Al Mulk.

The other reason behind his act was to challenge the prevailing norms of getting exaggerated dowry on the marriage of daughter in Arab culture.

Heavy dowry does not guarantee the happiness of your daughter: Apparently, people claim dowry money from groom for the safety of their daughters and state that it will keep her satisfied for a lifetime as monetary and financial support is necessary for the modern era.

Believe me, the entire wealth of this world can't buy a smile on the face of your daughter. Look for a boy who can keep your daughter happy with his behavior not with his money. The mental peace and happiness is more important than anything else.

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Recently another man in Saudi Arabia did a strange act by claiming dowry of SR 2 from groom just to pull down the tradition of dowry money in Kingdom. Steps taken by aware Mahram have spread a message of well-being among groom.