The oldest Saudi man died at the age of 120, leaving behind 468 descendants

Life expectancy rate of Saudi Arabia is at the 96th Rank among other nations of the world. It exhibits around 73-75 years on average. The life expectancy rate refers to the average number of years one lives owing to his circumstances and environmental factors.

Normally there are very few people around the world who have crossed century of years of their life. However, there are few cases where people cross 100 years of their life and one of them is Shaikh Awadh bin Abdul Aziz Al Saifi.[irp]

He did not only cross-century but died at the age of 120 years. He was treated the oldest Saudi man before his death. At the time when he passed away, his eldest son was also 98 years old, his eldest grandson was 65 years old and his youngest son was 22 years old.

Shaikh Awadh bin Abdul Aziz Al Saifi was born in 1893 and could live in 3 different centuries. He spent seven years in the 19th century and then entered in the 20th century for a lifespan of 100 years.

Obviously like everyone he was not sure about his long life but he lived it happily. Not only this, he successfully crossed the 20th century and entered in the 21st century with a new generation.

Reportedly and by all authentic sources, he was the oldest man in Saudi Arabia who could live for 3 different centuries. The family tree of this oldest man is very interesting; He has 24 children comprising of sons and daughters.

The chain of his grandchildren is very long and comprised of 447 children. Such a huge family line makes him a famous person who is the only root of this huge and gigantic family tree.

Not only age of this oldest man is a surprising fact for everyone but there are numerous other things which sound amazing. Shaikh Awadh had been an active man throughout his life. He lived a life full of energy and had a good repute among his social circle.

People gave remarkable comments about Shaikh Awadh about his personality and characters. He was affectionate to everyone and was proud of his gigantic family members. 

Until the last days of his life, he remained intact with his family and social circle and led a life in a meaningful way. People normally feel disappointed after their 70’s or 80’s and wait for their death to come. But this man never took even a single moment for granted.

Maybe this was the reasons who could make him make exceptional life expectancy record for Saudi Arabia. His major hobbies were to make meaningful dialogues with his acquaints and friends.

He was a poet too and his poetry covered so many political events as well. He wrote several poems over crowning ceremonies of King Abdul Aziz to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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