3 Major reasons of increasing Unemployment among Saudis

Problems are part of life and every country has issues to be resolved. Saudi Arabia is in the same queue where there are several issues related to employment rate, literacy, sanitation systems and much more. The Kingdom has been striving hard since the day King Abdul Aziz laid the foundation of Modern Saudi Arabia to resolve these problems at earliest.[irp]

In this regard, not only natives but expatriates have been playing a significant role. The 1/3rd population of Kingdom is comprised of these expats who belong to different countries. They are residing in Kingdom for their jobs. 85% of jobs taken by these expatriates are those which are related to low-status cheap labor tasks.

Saudi natives hardly take such jobs and for this purpose contractors and companies have to higher foreigners. In this scenario, it is totally unjustified to say that these expatriates are the reason for unemployment in the country.

1-The research conducted by United Nation Development Program (UNDP) concluded that the major reasons for unemployment in Kingdom is a migration of rural citizen to urban areas. The expatriate ratio has been reduced by the government after an increase in criminal activities like human trafficking, drug smuggling, and adultery.

These foreigners are not only causing of exploitation in Kingdom but are also suffering from a such an imbalanced ration of input they give and output they receive in return. If these expats are provided legal visas for their stay in the country, they have all the rights which are entitled to Saudi Natives.

It is the government who decides about employment ratio of natives and expats. In case millions of Saudis are unemployed, it is not a mistake or plot of these expats. They are working well and even getting low output so it is unjustified to curse them for unemployment or related problems in Kingdom.

2-Another most significant factor of unemployment in Saudi Arabia is Youth bulk. The Kingdom has its 50% population less than the age of 25. The youth require jobs and Kingdom are unable to deliver at such a big rate. The statistics state that youth bulge will grow even more till 2035.

3-Another major issue is a disproportionate division of population in just three regions. 6 % of the population is residing in three regions i.e. 25.5 % in Makkah Province, 24.9% in Riyadh Province and rest of 14.6 in eastern regions. It has led to a scarcity of natural resources.

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