Dowry of SR 2 – Saudi bride’s father challenges local practices

We have already covered some strange dowry requests by fathers of Saudi brides. Recently a Saudi man Abdul Hakeem Ahmad Haddad rejected the common practices to ask for huge dowry money from groom against bride by setting just two Riyals as dowry money.

He mentioned the soul of Mahar is to protect our daughters or sisters and not to earn huge money against them. The Holy Prophet PBUH emphasized over truthiness of soul and cleanliness of character instead of huge money for a selection of a groom.

The father of Bride is a well-educated person and is retired from Aviation forces. While talking to media, he clarified his intentions for such low dowry money. We have already covered some strange dowry requests made by Saudi Fathers.

He mentioned that our society is entangled in obsolete social norms which have made the lively hood a difficult phenomenon. He said the stigma of spinsterhood is increasing day by day due to huge Mahar demands from bride’s family.

These days an average rate of dowry to be demanded from a middle-class family is about SR 40,000 or $10,666. The amount goes in hundreds of thousands in the case of rich families.

The marriage expenses, lavish dresses, banquet hall expenses and other related stuff are beside this dowry money. In case majority is not able to pay such expenses, spinsterhood is getting higher day by day.

The best way to resolve these issues is to rely on teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH which emphasized the need to select righteous men instead of richer one. 

Exaggerated dowry is creating a bad image of Saudi Arabia in front of other countries. It displays a revolting fact that the men with higher status and riches can wed any young lady with no limitation of age or statement of faith.

The only criteria considering the fact are that the groom can pay dowry cash. Dowry money is one of the basic reasons behind women exploitation. Greedy Mahram considers ladies a valid source to acquire riches by asserting huge money from Groom.

It is important to mention here that we are criticizing only exaggerated dowry amounts asked by the family members of the bride. Mahar is the Islamic right of the bride and we are not against it in any way.

(The lady's dad) has turned to be the initial step taker who has demonstrated the pure purpose of marriage. He expressed that peace is more important to live a happy life than depending on material resources.

The man has given an unusual demonstration by asserting just SR 2 as dowry for groom just to draw down the custom of Dowry money in Kingdom. These strides taken by educated people have delivered a message of well-being among citizens.

It will likewise contribute towards respect of Arab women by making mindfulness that women are not a source to earn money. Women have all the rights to claim their benefits and ought not to be dealt with purchasable items available in the market.

Islam has given a significant status to women and we all should respect that status set by God.

Source: Gulf News

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