Top 7 Kids Friendly Restaurants in Riyadh

Eating out with kids can be a hassle, especially when you never know what they might or might not like. If they do not like their food or the place it is safe to say your experience won’t be that great either. Here are the top places to eat out with kids in Riyadh;

The Piatto-Italian restaurant which is located at Exit 5 right opposite China Mart is a special place for kids. They let them make their own pizza and get free Italian gelato with the kid’s meal. Children also receive an activity kit which keeps them busy till the food arrives. There is a lot of open seating and a huge play area too which will keep your children busy while you enjoy your food.

The Chuck E. Cheese’s which is located on Olaya Street is basically made for children. The pizzas and other snacks are great and the place contains several entertainment areas for kids of every age group. There is also a gift shop which sells souvenirs and you can also book the place for a party with Chuck E. the mouse.[irp]

Marta’s Cakes Bakery which is located next to Pancake House on King Fahd road is another great place for kids as it lets them decorate their own cupcakes and cookies. Children will remain engrossed and will enjoy designing their own food. The children can use a variety of decorations, frostings, colors, and icing. There is also a private area which can be reserved for parties. They even have some party packages which offer a variety of activities.

The Café Critique restaurant which can be found in the Sahara Mall food court is a unique and thrilling experience for kids who get to create ceramic art while eating out. Even adults can partake in the activities with children, which involved painting vases or figurines. These customized artworks can then be taken home.

The Outback Steakhouse Australian restaurant which can be found in the localizer mall’s second floor has an extremely helpful staff and a great children’s menu. They have kids play area with consoles, balloons and face painting.[irp]

Mirage Chinese Restaurant which is located next to Euromarche on Takhasousi road is the closest thing to an aquarium in Riyadh. Large fish tanks are located all around inside the restaurant and provide great excitement to children who will be busy in staring at the fish. There is also a pond in the middle of the restaurant with bridges leading to dining chalets.

The Buffalo’s restaurant which is on Tahlia Street has some great food and a fun kid’s menu. This is a great place to come to for breakfast. Kids can order a large portion of American pancakes or a smiley faced omelet. There is also a huge kid’s play area that hosts a wide variety of activities that are sure to keep your kids busy and in a good mood.

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