Traffic Violations of SR 300,000 – Revenge of a Saudi wife over her husband’s 2nd marriage

Crossing red traffic signal is a crime. Saudi Arabia has placed a computerized traffic fine structure called ‘Saher' that uses digital cameras and an online supervising system to catch traffic violators.

A woman in Saudi Arabia who was angry at her husband’s decision of 2nd marriage spent the night of his second wedding on a very creative form of revenge. 

The Saudi woman has sought the decisive revenge on her husband for marrying a second time by incriminating him in traffic penalty value about SR 300,000 ($80,000) on his wedding night.

The Gulf News reported that it is the highest total fine ever registered by Saher. The irritated wife took a small van of her husband while he was rejoicing his 2nd wedding and she planned with her brother for a joyride to pass through red lights as many times as it could be.

The registration plate could be picked up by security cameras. As per Gulf News, both the brother and his sister were violating traffic rules throughout the evening, crossing red lights repeatedly and building up fines totaling approximately $80k which is SR 300,000.

Saher is the system introduced by Saudi traffic authorities to check rash driving and monitor noncompliance of the traffic rules that included mostly jumping red lights. Saher is a specially designed electronic system which is built with the purpose of improving the movement of traffic.

This system operates automatically and road users are under constant supervision through traffic lights which are controlled by state of the art, computer-controlled system.

Those who are found guilty of violating traffic signals are charged with a fine and the penalties are increased if the fine is left unpaid after the specified time limit. This system covers almost all the major cities of Kingdom and all the traffic routes are keenly observed by the cameras. 

A video clip of the car passing a red traffic light and reversing it to repeat the violation getting caught by the Saher cameras went viral on the internet.

The clip shows that the jumping red lights purposefully result in large applause from the social media users with many speaking up to cheer or laugh at the woman.

A blogger Zahra stated that she was greatly amused at the whole scenario. I have no doubt that he was happily chit-chatting with his friends at his 2nd wedding while his van was catching traffic fines. He could not even imagine such reaction from his 1st wife, but it is fair for him.

On the contrary side of the story, those people who were supporting the husband claimed that he would not be held liable for the traffic disobedience. 

Abu Arwa believed that the man was at his wedding with his new bride and there must be so many people who could be a witness that he was not driving his van. 

The brother and sister were responsible for violating the rules and they will have to pay the penalty as well as award imprisonment and give lashes also for their careless activities.

Southerner stated that the woman 1st wife should have self-assessment and self-examination and ask herself about the grounds that forced her husband for second marriage rather than looking for different types of methods of taking revenge.

Source: Gulf News


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