How to Register a Labor Complaint with the Indian Consulate?

There are a good number of populations of Indians expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Indian workers are facing problems within their jobs and dispute with employers. An Indian employee having a problem during their service or jobs can get help from community consulate welfare wing and from the labor courts to get a relief of his problems. A worker from all the professions who are facing problems or grievance in their jobs can contact to the labor courts. The worker can apply for the remedy directly by filing a complaint in the court or through counsel “Register a Case against Sponsor in Labor Office”. Court provides a remedy for their problems. Labor courts which are under the jurisdiction of Consulate of India, in Jeddah are as follows;[irp]

The following are the people who can file complain in the labor courts against the job-related problems within the local area of their workplace.

1-Domestic counsels and any other person like them

2-People working on a ship or boat with the cargo of not more than 500 tons

3-Those rural workers are also not included who are not working in any processing unit having more than 10 employees or produce their own goods.

4-Employees who are engaged for a task and the period of service is not more than 60 days

In Jeddah, A special department has been instituted by Ministry of Labor’s public Affairs Saudi Arabia. All Indian domestic workers such as housemaids, drivers, Shepherds and farm workers had a problem with their employer can contact to this office for the relief and justice for their problem. The worker's approach to the office should file the complaint with proper documentation. The documents must attach to the complaint are a copy of their work agreement, Passport Copy, Iqama (Resident Permit) Copy, address and telephone number of the Kafeel (Sponsors/Employer). The petition should be in Arabic.

At present, this office is available only at Jeddah and not in places outside Jeddah under the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Makkah Region. All the worker falls under the category of domestic worker who is not able to approach labor court can contact this office on any day other than a holiday. They apply for the remedy of their work based problems in the said office personally or through counsel with all the required documents and neatly typed petition in Arabic.  The authorities of the Community Welfare Wing try to solve the worker’s problems through negotiations with the sponsor or employer for an agreeable agreement. If no agreement or settlement results through negotiations, the worker is directed to move toward the Labor Court where Interpreter’s services are made accessible by the Consulate free of cost to allow him to pursue his case in the court. The coordinate of the Office is given below;[irp]

Office of the Domestic Worker’s Committee, the Director of Welfare & Guidance, Consultant of Training & Social Research, near Al Hamra (formerly Sofitel) hotel, Jeddah. Telephone No. 6616688, Fax: 6653238, Cell: 0504658803

Source: Consulate General of India, Jeddah


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