List of Recruitment Agencies in Riyadh

The list of recruitment agencies in Riyadh has been provided below. Although this list is not comprehensive and only represents a small percentage of recruitment agencies working in Riyadh still this is an individual effort to help those who are searching for jobs.

If you want to add any recruitment agency to this list, please write the details in the same pattern and drop them in the comment below. Your efforts will help us in preparing a good comprehensive list of recruitment agencies in Riyadh.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Riyadh

Two moon Lights: P.O.BOX #: 87649 Al-Riyadh 11652 Saudi Arabia. Telephone: 201-0448,201-1406

Al-Haneya: P.O.BOX #: 88630 Al-Mursalath, King Abdullah Road Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Telephone: 450-6143

World Wide Recruitment Office: P.O.Box #: ,722 Al-Riyadh 11421, Telephone: 4657345

Wahba for Recruitment: P.O.Box #: 43162 Al-Riyadh 11561, Saudi Arabia, Telephone: 01-4767495 Fax-01-4767502 Email: [email protected]

Aheel for Recruitment is one of the best recruitment agencies in Riyadh situated at Khalid Ibn Waleed Street, Beside Al-Sadhan Market, P.O.Box #: 66664 Al-Riyadh 11586, Saudi Arabia, Telephone: 2355366-2091088, Facimile: 2094088

Al-Awa'l for Recruiting: P.O.Box #: 246230, Al-Ahsa Street Al-Riyadh 11312 Saudi Arabia., Telephone:2068000-5 lines

M.S.Al-Babtain Recruitment Office: P.O.Box #: ,86179 Al-Riyadh 1162 Saudi Arabia., Telephone: 4610383-4653471-4648264 Fax..2012283

Al-Eid for Recruitment Est: P.O.Box #: 36258 Code 11419 Al-Riyadh. Al-Badiya Westren Circle Between Exit 27 & 28 Opp Al-Asma Industrial . Telephone: 01-4330033 Facimile: 01-4312766

Al-Ambat Recruitment Office: Al-Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Telephone: 01-4775620-4762026 Facimile: 01-4793895-4780879 Email: [email protected]

ALDEYAR CORNER RECRUITMENT: P.O.Box #: 4353 Al-Riyadh 11491 Saudi Arabia. Telephone: 01-2193939 Facimile: 4645275 Email: [email protected]

Al-Drees Manpower Recruitment Office: P.O.Box #: ,26564 Al-Riyadh 11496 Saudi Arabia. Telephone: 01-4778989 Facimile: 01-4772405

Al-Motkasees Recruitment Office: P.O.Box #: ,26311 Al-Riyadh 11486

AL-RASHOUDI RECRUITMENT: (ABDULLAH Sulman office) P.O.BOX 46643 AL-RIYADH 11542 Telephone: 2483636 Facimile: 2487447 MOBILE #: 050-5471161 Email: [email protected]

FAST TRACK RECRUITMENT is one of the best recruitment agencies in Riyadh situated at Olaya Musa Bin Nussair Street Ceron Building No,11 AL-RIYADH SAUDI ARABIA. Telephone: 01-4611499 Facimile: 4617453


AL-OWANI RECRUITMENT OFFICE: AL-NASERIYAH P.O.BOX 55448 AL-RIYADH Telephone: 4416210,4420635,4421522 Facimile: 4416232

AL-SAHMAN OFFICE: MANPOWER RECRUITMENT AGENT P.O.BOX 10832 AL-RIYADH 11433 SAUDI ARABIA. Telephone: 01-4651827 – Facimile: 01-4621521

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