Top 25 Construction Companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the biggest oil industry in the world due to vast oil reserves. The oil industry has majorly contributed to the progress of Saudi Arabia in the world economy. Besides the oil industry, Saudi Arabia has various family-run companies which have stocks in the construction business.

These companies are majorly under the control of business icons and are an even source of revenue from the international market. UAE and Saudi Arabia have initiated huge business projects which require even the help of international companies.

Saudi Arabia has 25 large construction companies which are the major property of the few business families. The top 2 companies were Saudi Oger and Saudi Bin Ladin Group. Saudi Oger was a gigantic construction company with US $2.2 billion capital closed down in July 2017.

It was the biggest rival of the Saudi bin Laden group in Saudi Arabia which has grave influence over construction sector of Saudi Arabia. It has various subsidiaries in Dubai, UK, and Abu Dhabi. During 2007 the company gained huge business with a construction contract worth $5 billion.

The major infrastructure of Saudi Arabia has been constructed by 25 major construction companies in the Kingdom. Since previous few decades’ construction projects are held by Saudi construction companies with a joint venture with international construction firms.

It has created wide opportunities for these companies to employ the latest technical resources and procedure to modernize the infrastructure of companies. The list of top 25 companies operating in Saudi Arabia which has been awarded contracts for latest construction projects in Saudi Arabia is as follows.

1-Saudi Bin Ladin Group

2-Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co. (RTCC)

3-Al Ayuni Investment & Contracting Co.

4-Al Harbi Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd.

5-Arabian Bemco Contracting Co.

6-Al Shoula Group

7-Almabani General Contractors

8-Al Fouzan Trading & General Construction Company

9-ABV Rock Group

10-El Seif Engineering & Contacting

11-Baytur Construction & Contracting

12-International Centre for Construction Company (ICC)

13-Isam Khairi Kabbani Group of Companies

14Freyssinet Saudi Arabia

15-A.S. Alsayed & Partners Contracting

16-Saudi-Lebanese Tarouk Contracting Co.

17-Al Arrab Trading & Contracting

18-Al Latifia Trading & Contracting

19-Azmeel Contracting Establishment

20-Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid & Sons (Artar)

21-FARE Constructions – Fawaz Al Hokair Trading & Contracting Establishment

22-Al Habtoor Leighton

23-Al Rajhi Construction (ARC)

24-NESMA Construction

25-Arabtec Construction

Source: Construction Week Online