9 Tips for Safe Driving during a Sand Storm

Most people are oversensitive to sand and dust and these dust storms cause several issues for them. To keep away from any genuine unfavorable susceptibilities or breathing issues, it is best to wear a veil to cover your nose and mouth before you get to cleaning. Post dust storm cleaning could be a test because it doubtlessly is difficult to remove complete sand from going into the house. Yet it is extremely difficult for you to stay away from sand in case you are living in KSA or any other Gulf country. It is impossible to complete eliminate this issue, it can only be rectified. One can't win the battle against the filthy sand storm. These precautionary measures won't just spare your time in cleaning up, however, will go about as satisfactory measure next time a dust storm hits your region. Here are some security precautionary measures while driving in a dust storm in KSA or in any Gulf Area:[irp]

1-Check climate conditions before traveling and take weather forecast from climate news. If a sand storm is suspected to be is high and visibility is low, better not to go to work or to travel. Increase the distance in the middle of you and the auto in front, be mindful of street amazements.

2-Reduce your pace, draw off the street if visibility is poor (cannot see inside 50m or less) and hold up till the storm is cleared.

3-Use your front and back car lights. Always use your pointers

4-Use Street lines as safety

5-Keep windows up and vents closed.

6-Stop smoking, as smoke blurs vision.

7-Use head lights so you can be seen by others on the roads.

8-Switch off the radio or cellular telephones and listen to the activity going outside.

9-Do not drive on heaps of sandstorm, they are free and you may lose control of your vehicle.


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