6 Major Reasons why Muslims and Christians HATE Jews

Anti-Semitism or Anti-Zionist is a common perception among Muslims and Christians of the world which define a wave of hatred against Jews of the world. Jews have been hated by most the world since hundreds of years for many reasons. The most common perception among Jews is that Jewish lobby aims at occupying an economic and political class of the world. They are strictly adhering to their religious values whereas Christians and Muslims have modified their lifestyle per changing norms. A trip to world history shows several reasons why Jews were hated since their origin and are still considered as most hated nation on this planet by most the world. There is a countless reason to hate Zionists as Adolph Hitler mentioned: “I have left few Jews alive just to show the world the reason why I have killed them”. Some of the main reasons behind hate for Jews are given below.[irp]

The disloyal attitude of Jews: During the emergence of Islam, Holy Prophet PBUH after migrating from Makkah to Madina made peaceful treaties with Jewish tribes. Muslims tried their best to facilitate Jews and kept all terms and conditions for ease of Jewish tribe members. On various occasions, Jews went against terms of the treaty and proved their disloyalty. Since that day, it is a common perception among Muslim community that Jews can never show loyalty towards them. It contributes as another major reason for hatred of Muslims towards Judaic communities.

Undue occupation of Palestine: Post World War II, Judaic communities created a scenario of Holocaust and acquired sympathies of super powers of the world and human rights authorities. They picture that they are deserving of a separate state at the west bank of Palestine and need security and identity after Hitler’s brutal act. They insisted that they are the owner of this land since the era of Moses and Arabs should leave this place. They expelled Arabs from Palestine and laid the foundation of Israel forcefully, within few years, Palestine was dragged to a short strip between Israel and Egypt knows as Gaza strip. Not only this their cruel activities are continued Gaza in the form of brutal missile attacks and one-sided war attempts which are the main reason of hatred for Jews in Christian and Muslim communities.

Holocaust Propaganda: After the World War II, Jewish lobby created a scenario which presented rest of the world that National Socialist (Nazi party) held massacre of 6 million Jews inhumanly and tried to wipe out the existence of Jews under the supervision of Adolph Hitler. This brought sympathy for Jews especially from Christian community of world and human rights experts became active to compensate Jews for this loss which was never happened. The world who understands the truth of this propaganda condemns and it turns out as hatred for Jews by most of the people worldwide.

Undue take over the worldwide industry: After a short revival, post-World War II, Jews tried to occupy all sectors of the economy just to influence the world with their power. They took over marketing, medicine, media, technology and related industries. All fair and unfair means have been employed by them to acquire this status which created huge resentment among rest of the communities. Undue suppression worldwide encouraged hatred for Jews in all section.

The resurrection of Christ: They tried to prove Christ guilty as they feared his existence a threat for their religious perception with which they used to influence emperors and rulers of that time. Christian firmly believes if Jews had not created plots, Christ may have survived for a long time on this earth. This led to a strong reason of religious prejudice among Christian communities and people hate considers Jews guilty for acts of their ancestors.

Undue support of America: America, after Holocaust Propaganda started showing undue sympathy for Jewish community which resulted in exploitation of human rights of rest of world communities. Occupation of Palestine, destruction of world trade center and its consequence and war of terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq are results of Zionist propagandas and the world understands this truth.

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