Saudis and Expatriates both have a duty to protect the country – says Saudi King

Terrorism is widely spread across the world since more than a decade. Many countries are suffering from this disease and have to align strong defense systems to protect citizens from terrorist activities. Saudi Arabia has same issues and defense ministry of Kingdom have been striving hard to get rid of the stigma of terrorism. The interior ministry of Saudi Arabia had been assigned several tasks to detect terrorist activities and plot and to secure the country against such activities. Interior ministry has performed its duties very well and several terrorist activities have been stopped by defense officials of Kingdom. In this regard, King Salman has thanked Chief of the interior ministry and the whole team for its efforts to detect and fail several terrorist attacks.[irp]

He said during a weekly cabinet meeting that terrorists aim at harm for the youth of the country and their bad intentions are to demoralize the stability and law and order situation of Kingdom.  Minister of Culture and information Adel Al-Toraifi, further added that Kingdom has based its laws and ordinance on Islamic rules, Quran and Sunnah. He said terrorists have intentions to destabilize the Islamic laws and prevailing Islamic principles in Saudi Arabia. King Salman during his address stressed the importance of the contribution of residents in the security of the country. He said that citizens, as well as expatriates, are equally responsible for reporting any suspected or abnormal activity which may hinder the process of protection and security in Kingdom. Security authorities are unable to take any action unless citizens and expatriates would not step forward to report threats and dangers.

Ministers also offered thank to King Salman for his support towards Yemenis. This act has improved the status of workers in Kingdom and has resolved the friction. It is further mentioned in meeting by King and Cabinet of Ministers that Saudi natives and expatriates both have to work together and to support each other to get rid of the stigma of terrorism. Expatriates can play a significant role in the control of terrorism and crimes as they are from different countries and have different exposure of such issues.

The Cabinet of Minister also appreciated the appointment of new secretary general of United Nations to Yemen Ismail OuldCheikh Ahmed of Mauritania. They welcomed his presence at this position and considered it as a productive step ahead. The Cabinet also appreciated the outcomes of the meeting of Gulf Corporation Council (GCC). It has been decided in the meeting that terrorism and extremism would be a tackle at the maximum extent to ensure security measure. Huge funds have also been assigned for such activities.[irp]

The findings of international Experts workshop and Carbon management activities have also been discussed at Gulf Corporation meeting. Saudi Arabia has also contributed in construction and establishment of Energy Club in Beijing, China. The meeting also took a review of workshop and exhibitions associated with it. The exhibition has been held in Khobar for the first time under the supervision of Saudi Arabia management after the completion of energy club in China.

Source: Arab News

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