Finally, a 50 Years old Saudi man graduates High School in Makkah

For Muslims, it is no surprise that the importance given to education in our religion is extremely high. We have been taught to strive for our education from a very young age. 

He had to leave his education at the age of 18 to support his family

This is a story of a man who in the year 1980 has to drop out of high school to work and support his family. The man was only 18 years old at the time and instead of education, he had to opt for a job to take care of his family. The young boy struggled and worked hard for 32 years of his life, never looking back, keeping his family in mind.

However, over the years, the man could provide a comfortable living standard for his entire family and bring them out of the poverty they would have gone into if he had not started working.

Now he is back to High School

Now the man, who has made enough to support his family for the foreseeable future has decided to do one thing which he was not able to accomplish during his lifetime, which is his High School Graduation.

The man joined a High School in Makah to finally get his diploma. The now 50-year-old is the oldest, happiest and most hardworking member of the batch. The man has said in an interview that it was his passion for learning new things which finally motivated him to overcome what other people might think and finally rejoin a high school.

1481 Finally, a 50 Years old Saudi man graduates High School in Makkah

He wants to pursue a Bachelor's Degree at least 

The man has also stated that he has the will to continue his studies and get a bachelor's degree at least. He says that he might study further than bachelor's if he gets the chance. The man has pleaded with Education Authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help him get admission into any college around the Kingdom.

There is good news for this man, as many international colleges don’t take age into consideration while enrolling a student. If the man is not able to find admission within the Kingdom I am sure he will find admission outside of it.

However, I must admit that I have little to no knowledge of the admissions process of the colleges in the Kingdom so the man should probably check it out himself.

The importance of Education in Islam

The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated: “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, be it a man or a woman”, we come to know the true value of education in Islam.

What we can do is to congratulate the man on overcoming the social stigmas associated with old age enrollment into schools and doing what he thought was best for him.