First underwater Masjid in the World is built in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known as the birthplace of Islam, it is home to the Kaaba which the Muslims believe to be the House of Allah and it is also home to the two holiest lands in Islam, which are Madinah and Makkah.

Saudi men and women are especially staunch Muslims as they believe they have been blessed to be born in the homeland of Islam. It is no surprise that we Muslims always find a place to pray when it is time for prayer, whether we are at home, out in the city or on a journey.

Our religion has granted us great flexibility in prayer, but not in allowing us to miss it. There are only very special circumstances under which we can skip prayers.

However, these divers did not plan on missing out their prayers and have taken it to another level by building a Mosque underwater. What has been initially described as the first ever underwater mosque in history has been constructed by a team of private Saudi divers.

According to Al-Madina newspaper, the divers also offered their prayers inside it, once it was completed.

Huge plastic pipes have been used, which have also been filled with sand, by the divers to construct this one of a kind mosque underwater near the northwestern town of Tabuk, which is near the Jordanian border.

Hamadan bin Salim Al Masoudi, who was one of the divers who participated in the building of the mosque, said that one of his colleagues had the initial idea of building a mosque underwater, in the previous year, and they had done preparations for an entire year on how to go about building this one of a kind mosque.

The diver, Al Masoudi also stated that they had just completed the initial construction of the mosque and were adding the final touches to it, when it became time for the afternoon prayers, so seeing this as a good opportunity they opened the mosque by praying in it together, which was the first time anyone person or a group had said their prayers underwater in history.

This concept of the underwater mosque has become extremely famous all around the world and other countries in the Middle East have followed the trend, by developing and constructing many underwater structures.

It is no surprise that the other countries in the Middle East did the same, as it has been a long tradition of all the countries in the region trying to compete with one another by outbuilding them.

The Dubai World also recently announced that they had made all necessary arrangements to start building a complete underwater hotel. This underwater hotel would be known as the World Discus Hotel.

The hotel will take its unusual name from its shape which will be made completely out of submerged discs. If you are ever in the region be sure to check out the underwater mosque. May Allah reward the people who tried to build it under the sea. Indeed, Allah rewards people on their intentions.

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