A Saudi who returned home after spending 7 years in Israeli Jail describes his story

The occupying nation of Israel (Once and Always will be Palestine) are known to imprison people by the dozen, whether they are protesting against the barbaric onslaught or they are campaigning for Human Rights.

However, they also tend to detain, for long periods of time, men that they may find suspicious of being spies. One such Saudi man, who spent almost seven years in an Israeli jail, has returned home.[irp]

The man said that he got lost in the Sinai desert in Egypt and was picked up by Israeli forces. Abdulrahman Al-Atwi arrived in the city of Riyadh on Thursday from the United States, where he had been deported off to, a few months ago by the Israeli forces.

Al Watan Newspaper reported that they met him at the residence of his lawyer in the Capital of Saudi Arabia; however, he refused to utter a single word. Al-Atwi’s legal counsel, Kateb al-Shimmari has stated that his client had been deported to the United States as there are no diplomatic links between the Muslims Kingdom and Israel.

The lawyer added that Mr. Al-Atwi’s deportation had been arranged through the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The daily newspaper had also quoted a man named Musa, who was the brother of Al-Atwi.

Musa stated that the Saudi authorities have done their best to facilitate the safe return of his brother, who has entered the Kingdom without any questioning or briefing at the airport.

The newspaper Al-Watan, however, did not state that what charges were filed by the state of Israel or any other Israeli institution against this poor man Apart from getting lost in the desert. Israeli defense forces are notorious for their random detention of people, whether they are suspected of a crime or simply for questioning.

Several Western human rights groups have tried over the ages to expose the brutal methods used by the Israeli defense forces and the unfair verdicts given out to Muslim Arabs, whether they are men or women, however, this has not caused the state of Israel to show any leniency towards the Muslim or the Arab world.

The Saudi authorities deserve huge appreciation to what they have accomplished in the case of Al-Atwi. In many cases when two countries are at war or a cold war per se, like the entire Muslim world is engaged in with Israel, the countries do not look out for any prisoners caught from the other side.

However, the United States has paid a key part as a negotiator between the two sides which has ultimately allowed the release of the man, which would have previously been impossible.

Many other men, women, and children are still imprisoned in Israeli prisons, and their conditions and whereabouts are unknown. All other Muslim World and the United States should facilitate the release of all those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

Source: Dawn News


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