Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia could Power Entire World 4 times over!

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, solar power has become extremely important, especially since the price of oil has risen. During the year 2011, around 50 percent of the total electricity produced in the Kingdom was produced by burning oil. KA-CARE which is the Saudi Arabian agency responsible for the development of the Kingdom’s renewable energy sector announced in mid-2012 that the Kingdom had plans of installing 41 gigawatts of solar capacity. There are countless benefits of investing in solar energy, as not only is it sustainable, it is also renewable which basically means we will never run out of it. It is the closest thing to the natural source of power which can be used to possibly generate electricity. The creation of this solar energy requires little to no maintenance.[irp]

The Oil Minister, Ali Al-Naimi said that Saudi Arabia plans on generating solar electricity which will be equal to the amount of the energy it produces from crude exports.  He added that Saudi Arabia is the largest oil exporter in the world, and has the capability and capacity to produce enough solar power which would be more than the demand of electricity in the entire world, 4 times over. The Oil Minister revealed the intentions of the Kingdom in a speech which he gave in Krakow, Poland. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf oil producers are increasing their power supply to facilitate and service the growing populations and the booming economies. They are also said to be looking for ways to reduce the usage of the oil that could be in turn exported and even gas, which could be used to fuel the power stations.

Ziyad Al Shiha, who is the executive director of Saudi Aramco Power Systems, stated to reporters in a press conference in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would have to burn up to 3 million barrels of oil every day by the year 2020 if it does not improve their efficiency. This figure has increased from 800,000 barrels every day which are being used today by power generating facilities. The Minister of Oil, Al-Naimi also states that the company Saudi Aramco is planning on building the biggest solar energy plant in the entire kingdom that would be able to produce upwards of 10 megawatts of power.

Renewable energy is a trend which is picking up popularity by the day, more and more people realize that the resources on earth are limited and if we exhaust all the natural resources today, then what will our children or our future generations live by.[irp]

We should all cut down our expenditure of gas and oil, as these reserves are being depleted at an extremely fast rate, which is not looking good, in terms of our future use. Solar power and wind power are both becoming extremely famous replacements for gas or oil, as these are renewable sources of energy and in the long run, it is almost free.


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