Riyadh has the highest Job Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa

The acronym MENA is a term which refers to the Middle East and North African regions. The term MENA has an extensive coverage of area which spans from Iran to Morocco, including in between all the Maghreb and Middle Eastern countries. It is no hidden fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attracts many professionals every year, who are in search of a job. However, nobody knows where exactly are the bulk of the jobs that all these incoming expats and the locals keep getting.[irp]

According to a study which was conducted in the Kingdom, it has been concluded that Riyadh does indeed provide the best of job opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Riyadh was followed by Doha at close second who was then followed by Jeddah at third. The study which was conducted to analyze the findings was the YouGov study which was carried out by the popular Jobsite in the Middle East, Bayt.com. Nearly 50 percent of the respondents who answered the questions online, states that the availability of jobs in Doha and Riyadh are either excellent or good.

Doha is considered to have more competitive salaries than any other place in the region, which was proven by almost 44 percent of all the respondents confirming it. The respondents also added that Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Manama, and Muscat were the best cities to live in if somebody was planning on moving to the Middle East. The residents of Dubai (almost 20 percent), Manama (15 percent) and Sharjah (14 percent) appeared to be positive and happy about the ease of setting up a new business in the city. However, the same cannot be said of the residents of the other cities like Cairo, Marrakech, and Amman who have an extremely negative outlook. The major part of the residents, who are living in the MENA region considers finding starting capital for a new business as a hard task and a challenge.

The residents of Abu Dhabi (above 25 percent), Dubai (20 percent) and Sharjah (18 percent) claim that their cities are excellent when it comes to being open and accepting of new ideas and concepts, much better than any other city in the region. The end of service benefits or retirement pension is being the best in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) cities. This is especially so in Sharjah with 44 percent, Abu Dhabi with 42 percent and Kuwait City with 41 percent of people who think likewise about retirement pensions or benefits.[irp]

The city which is believed to have the lowest amount of air pollution is Muscat which is according to above 70 percent of all the residents of the city. This is then followed by Abu Dhabi, of which 61 percent of its residents think so. In terms of lifestyle and quality, the residents of the respective countries ranked Dubai the highest with more than 73 percent ranking their lifestyle as being excellent or good, which is then followed closely by Abu Dhabi.

Source: Arab News

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