Western Misconceptions about the Muslim Hijab

The common perception about Muslim women is that they are poor slaves of their religion and men. They wear Hijab, they are restricted from various activities, they are part of a poorly developed civilization and many more perceptions are famous in the Western world.

Those who look at the situation to find the truth know that the reality is something else. The factors which they consider inequality are protection rules for women in Islam. The Holy Quran Says;

Quran explicitly enforces Hijab upon Women

“O Prophet, tell your wives and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves their outer garments. That is more suitable, that they will be known and not abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful’. (Surah 33, verse 59).

The simple analogy proves that the thing which is precious for us is to be covered. In case a woman is instructed by God to cover herself there must be a reason behind it.

1460 Western Misconceptions about the Muslim Hijab 01

Why Islam requires women to cover themselves in Hijab?

The common thing is this that women are more attractive in their appearances as compare to men.  They have a different body structure which is more eye-catching.

On the other hand, men have strong bodies with more power and strength. In this scenario, if they are attracted towards a woman, there must be a problem for her in lieu of her protection and to defend herself.

The best thing to avoid this situation, Allah as told to limit the attraction which can seduce a man. Women have to protect themselves for their own safety not due to benefit of any second person. 

1460 Western Misconceptions about the Muslim Hijab 02

The entire universe hides precious things in safe places

Banks hide their valuables and Jewelers protect their jewels, the same way women are precious enough to be protected and covered from hungry eyes and badly intended persons. Those who call themselves the protectors of human civilization are majorly facing the issues of Women harassment and abuse.

According to recent reports, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recorded that on average 12,000 women are harassed at their workplace each year. Moreover, sexual abuse, rapes, extra-marital physical relations have become one of the worst stigmas of the western world.

1460 Western Misconceptions about the Muslim Hijab 03

Hijab is the only way to survive in the male dominant society

Owing to the above-mentioned facts, it has been proved that women can survive in men dominating society with confidence and security only to limit her attraction and beauty.

Instead of going inside a debate of equality of inequality, it must be kept in mind that men and women are in unequal in their body strength and structure. The only thing to handle such issues is that women should be careful about their own protection.

1460 Western Misconceptions about the Muslim Hijab

Hijab is not a limitation upon Muslim women

It does not refer to limitations for women; they can excel in their career, can achieve their goals and move ahead towards success and development. The thing which can hinder their growth is the undue attention of a man; this thing has to be handled by women themselves, which has been told by God 1400 years ago.

Western women have been facing severe security issues as compared to Muslim women, it shows that Islam’s ideology for the protection of women works more effectively and Muslim women deserve to be appreciated in this regard.