Top 5 countries with Highest Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the average number of years, people of an area live. It varies from place to place and country to country. The life expectancy varies for males and females at each area and is impacted by different biological and environmental factors. The major factors which play a significant role in increase or decrease of expectancy rates are health care arrangement by state authorities and government of each country. The significant accelerators in a decrease of expectancy rates are terrorism wars, obesity issues and HIV destruction all over the world. HIV is commonly prevalent in a western world whereas eastern region is suffering from other inhibitors like poverty, terrorism etc.[irp]

Among 193 countries around the globe, the average expectancy rate ranges around 71 years. Females have expectancy rate of 73.5 whereas males have a lesser figure of expectancy rate with 68.5 years. According to researches done by World Health Organization (WHO) women around the world show higher rate of expectancy as compared to men. The world Factbook published by the US has stated that females live 5 years more than males on average. Here is the list of countries with the highest number of expectancy rate around the globe its comparison with KSA expectancy rate.[irp]

Japan: The overall expectancy rate for Japan is 87 years which varies between males and females by 85 and 87.3 years.  It is the highest expectancy rate in the world.

Andorra: The second highest expectancy rate is of Andorra i.e. 84.5 years which state 80 years for men and 87.6 years for women.

Singapore: The third highest expectancy rate belongs to Singapore which is 84 years, 82 years for men and 87 years for women.

Hong Kong: The fourth country in this list is Hong Kong with expectancy rate of 83.8 years which differentiate male and females by 82 and 85.6 years respectively.

San Marino: The fifth top country with exceptional expectancy rate is San Marino with 83.5 years.

The common factor in all above-mentioned countries states that women live for a long time as compared to men. The average expectancy rate of Saudi Arabia according to Factbook in 2012 is 74.3 which is ranked at 97 grade among 193 countries of the world. The women average age rate is 76.2 and men last for 72 years on average. Again the rate is higher in the case of women despite favorable living conditions for men. The expectancy rate of KSA is far away from top ten or even top fifty countries of the world which indicate poor living arrangements. Terrorism and HIV issues are not common in Kingdom but poor health arrangements have become major reasons for such low ranking of KSA in expectancy rate list of countries. Health sector should further be modified to improve expectancy rate.

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