24 Hours Jail, SR 150 Fine for using Mobile Phone while Driving

The traffic accident rate in Saudi Arabia is very high. 24 out of 100,000 people die every year due to traffic accidents. If you take into consideration the total population of Saudi Arabia i.e. 30 million, 7,200 people die on road every year. It is an alarming figure, isn’t it?

Traffic Accidents due to Mobile Phone: I believe that most of the accidents take place due to the use of mobile phone by the driver while driving. Realizing this fact, Saudi Government has approved changes in traffic law according to which drivers using a mobile phone will be jailed for 24 hours.

If a driver uses a cell phone while driving, it increases the chances of an accident by at least 10 times. As per my personal experience, I observe every third driver talking on the mobile phone or using it for chatting while driving. This behavior of drivers must be condemned at every level.

There should be seminars at organizational and community levels enlightening the importance of defensive and careful driving.

Yes, Saudi Government has intervened into the critical situation by bringing new legislation about the jail term and heavy fine to the drivers caught using a cell phone while driving.

The Punishment of Using Mobile Phone while Driving: If anyone is caught using a mobile phone while driving, he will be fined with SR 150 in the first instance. The fine may increase to SR300 and the violator may be detained for 24 hours.

This punishment has already been implemented. Traffic Police have set up cameras on all the main roads in the major metropolitan cities of Saudi Arabia to detect the violation of people using the mobile phone while driving.

People who are caught using mobile phones while traveling will be sent a message to their registered mobile phone number. If traffic police decide to impose a Jail term on any traffic violator, he will be communicated through SMS.

They have to report to the traffic police department to spend 24 hours in Jail. If they don’t report to the traffic police department even after receiving 3 messages from traffic police department, all their MOI services will be canceled.

Ministry of Interior has stated that they have already canceled the services of many expatriates and citizens living in Saudi Arabia. 

Using Mobile Phone on a Traffic SignalHowever, it is important to mention here that Using Mobile Phone on a Traffic Signal is not considered a traffic violation. A few months ago, traffic police implemented a new rule according to which Crossing Red light results in 24 Hours Jail.

When traffic police started following the violators, violation rate fell significantly.  If you want to discourage the use of mobile phone while driving in Saudi Arabia, you need to take two steps.

Create awareness among the youngsters and punish the violators. Just punishing the violators will not serve the objectives unless public realizes itself about the importance of safe driving.

In the end, I appreciate the positive steps taken by the Saudi Traffic Police to discourage the use of mobile phone while driving. Many families have suffered irreparable losses due to this fatal practice.

Source: Arab News