Why did Saudi Arabia attack on Houthis in Yemen?

Most expatriates feel confused about the reason as to why 10 countries decided to attack Yemen in a coalition move. Many of these expatriates do not even know the history of the countries involved in this rumble. If we take a short trip down Yemen’s history, we can clearly see that it is a country which has been plagued by civil conflict since ages. The country’s main export is petroleum, which may or may not is considered vital by the United States. Apart from this, there are several other factors that need to be taken into consideration.[irp]

Before the recent outburst of civil violence, USA was already deeply involved in Yemen. For many years, the Yemeni government has sought the help of the United States to fight a quiet war with its insurgents. The United States have provided them with drone assistance and a few Special Forces missions to tackle the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). As this group, has expressed their will to one day attack the United States, America has kept a close eye on them. Many people claim that US involvement has further decreased stability in the country. Nowadays the Shiite militants known as the Houthis have crumpled the government. It should be noted that the Houthis also do not like the AQAP.

The proximity in which Yemen lies to Saudi Arabia is also a worrying factor for both the US and the Saudi Kingdom. Hence it is impossible for the Saudi government to sit back and watch the Iran-backed militia simply take over a country, in which they have invested so much of time and resources. Saudi Arabia is by far the strongest and only Arab ally left of the United States and their shared interest in the region with the USA goes well beyond counter terrorism in the region. Saudi Arabia plays a vital role in the fight against the ISIS and Taliban terrorists. Hence the United States cares greatly about the safety and well-being of Saudi Arabia.

Even after such key global factors hanging in the balance, some expatriates think it is still an unwise decision to interfere in the proceedings of Yemen. Some even believe that the joint coalition operation in Yemen will seriously weaken the Saudi Economy. Most people fail to realize that this war is more than just a statistic or an evening news report to everyone living within or close to the region. This is because the violence and terror in Yemen are erratic and has no direction; hence it can easily spread to the nearby areas as it has spread in the country.[irp]

Look at it this way, if the house next to yours was getting robbed, would you run away from your house, leaving it open and vulnerable to the thieves to ransack, or would you continue with your daily routine just hoping that they don’t come over to your house next?


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