9 Tips for Photography on Weddings in Saudi Arabia

Are you a wedding photographer or planning to become one? Well here are a few tips which have been given by some of the best wedding photographers for taking photographs at a wedding;[irp]

1-In my opinion, one of the most useful tips would be to work with the couple before the event and to compile a list of all the shots that they want to be included in the wedding album. This way, you will be able to not miss out on any important family pictures.

2-A helpful tip given by a veteran wedding photographer was to have the bride and groom pick out 1 person from each of their families to oversee organizing everyone who needs to be in the pictures. This is particularly important as many families have some sort of tension between two households or between relatives.

3-Another useful tip to keep in mind is to check out the location of the event you are covering beforehand, or in case you are covering several events, it is best to check out all the locations so that you can see how the lighting works. If you do not feel like visiting every location, then you can probably look online as many wedding halls and banquet halls have uploaded many pictures of their venue on the internet.

4-It is a good idea to showcase some of your previous work to your clients for possible ideas and even some things which they absolutely would not want in their wedding album. It is also important to finalize the deal before the wedding so that there isn’t a debate on the price and number of pictures etc. later.

5-A vital point to keep in mind is that your camera sound should always be off during the wedding function and the rest of the event too. Nobody wants to hear the beep of your camera right when the wedding is being officiated.

6-It is important to capture the minor details like the ring or maybe an impromptu moment when the bride and groom smiling at each other. I find these are generally the best photos of the album.

7-It is generally a good idea to have 2 working cameras for the event. This should be done because one might malfunction during the event. Some photographers even use 2 cameras for close and long range shots, with different lenses.

8-One great thing that you can do is show the bride and groom some of the pictures you have taken throughout the day, in their free time of course. Some photographers even bring a computer along and present all the pictures taken during the wedding as a slide show when the food has been done and over with.

9-One final piece of advice is to be mindful of the customs and values of the Saudi community. Keeping this in mind, it is not a good idea to take a picture of any woman without her, or her families consent.

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