Top 5 countries with Lowest Life Expectancy

Life expectancy rate is known by an average number of years people of a country live. It varies from place to place and depends on circumstances available for a person to survive. In the case of well-developed countries, people have high margins to live for a long time due to better health conditions. If we just look at the facts and problems in underdeveloped countries, people find it difficult to cope up with insufficient facilities of life which lead to low expectancy rate. The Factbook regarding life expectancy rate shows that it is higher in the case of females as compared to males in all regions of the world.[irp]

The research was done by World Health Organization (WHO) shows that females have potential to survive for 5 more years on average than men. This difference relies on different environmental and health issues. Women are more active in physical tasks like household chores and related activities which lead to constant exercise. This factor plays a major role in the long-term life of females all over the world. The life expectancy rate worldwide is 71 on average which depicts and the average rate of 73.5 years for females and 68.5 for males. The major factors which play a significant role in increase or decrease of expectancy rates are health care management by the government of each country.  Here is the list of countries with least ranking of life expectancy rate worldwide:

Sierra Leone: The average life expectancy rate for Sierra Leone is 38 years which ranges for males and females by 37 and 39 years. It is lowest life expectancy rate in the world.

Central African Republic: The second lowest life expectancy rate is the Central African Republic i.e. 48.5 years which express 47 years for men and 50 years for females.

Democratic Republic of Congo: The third least life expectancy rate lies with the Democratic Republic of the Congo which is 49.5 years i.e. 48 years for men and 51 years for females.

Somalia: The fourth country in this rundown is Somalia with life expectancy rate of 50 years which separate male and females by 48 and 52 years.

Swaziland: The fifth top country with lowest life expectancy rate is Swaziland with 50 years.

The basic figures of life expectancy rate of the country show that females live for a long time as a contrast with men. The normal life expectancy rate of Saudi Arabia as per Factbook in 2012 is 74.3 which is positioned at 97th rank among 193 nations of the world. The female average age rate is 76.2. The life expectancy rate of SAUDI ARABIA is far from main ten or even main fifty nations of the world which demonstrate poor living standards as compared to well-developing countries of the world. Terrorism and HIV issues are not prevalent in Kingdom but rather health issue is main causes for poor ranking of SAUDI ARABIA in life expectancy rate list of nations.

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