4 Secrets behind the World’s Healthiest Countries

Many people have wondered why in some places around the world, people live longer healthier lives compared to other places. Most Americans wonder what they can do to live a healthier life because it is one of the countries with the highest rate of obesity. This high rate of obesity has caused a great rise in related diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and even premature deaths. As the saying goes, for an unclogged heart down olive oil and herd goats like the Mediterranean, to avoid breast cancer and live to a 100 indulge in tofu like the Japanese and if you want to stay as happy as the Norwegians, forage for cowberries and hunt elk. Here are a few examples of eating habits from people of those areas which have an unusually long life expectancy;[irp]

1-According to eating habits of the French women, there are not many explanations as to why even after consuming cream and butter. The only reasonable explanation in my mind is portion control. The French are well known for their petite portions, an anti-oxidant rich wine which is used commonly in the area and their quality of food. The typical French meal consists of many small meals and the French enjoy each bite of their food. The French also have a tendency of walking to commute to their destinations and this contributes to their small figures.

2-The traditional Scandinavian European philosophy of food is to eat what you grow or is grown close to where you live. The important things in their diet are the words fresh and local. Scandinavian people believe in bringing to the table only what has grown at a farm nearby. Their local produce consists of whole wheat, berries and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and other greens. The northern Europeans also indulge in foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as game birds and elk which are less fattening than another farm-raised livestock. The Nordic people are also famous for obesity rates as low as 8 percent.

3-The Japanese island region, Okinawa is the place on earth with the most people aged 100 or older in the world. In comparison to Americans they have 80 percent fewer cases of breast cancer, and less than half of the rate of other cancers that the Americans suffer. They even have lower heart diseases and dementia cases. The people of Okinawa have a tradition of eating till they are 80 percent full. This is a result of a spiritual lifestyle which includes meditation and prayer which are known to reduce stress and other ailments which are caused by excess stress. They indulge in mainly high fiber foods such as rice, soy, fruit, and fish while using only a tiny amount of dairy and meat in their daily routine.

4-The people of the Mediterranean have such long and healthy lives due to their high-quality diets of nuts, fish and olive oil as well as fruits, vegetables and only lean proteins. Most important thing is to know when to say ENOUGH.

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