Experience of Getting Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) – Pakistani Citizen

Shahid Abdul Razzak: You all will recall that initial step of my current endeavor was obtaining Letter of Endorsement from embassy of the country. You can further read about it in this link “Letter of Endorsement for Police Clearance Certificate from Pakistan Embassy”. This letter of endorsement needs to be attested by the MOFA Saudi Arabia after which you will have to apply for Police Clearance Certificate. I have explained the procedure of applying the Police Clearance Certificate below.[irp]

This revolves around applying for PCC for my wife. Today both I and my wife arrived at the same police office where I had applied for my PCC yesterday. For people who are familiar with Dammam, the police office that I visited is “EP Police Directorate”. You can even type it in Google Maps and it will show there too. It is located diagonally opposite to the Governor House or as is termed Eastern Province Emirate. If you are applying for the PCC for the whole family, take your whole family to the police station. Fingerprints of my family were already enrolled in the MOI system so I tried to go there without family. But they asked me to come with the wife as they will take fingerprints again.

Well, my wife had to go to the Ladies Section there and I obviously had to wait in the hall. Her experience of interaction with the staff of Ladies Section was nice. The ladies there could speak and understand Basic English, were cooperative and friendly and to top it off they were proactive in letting my wife know that her husband (i.e. myself) can also come over and collect her PCC from the Ladies Section. They apparently have a collection window over there which caters to this service. They were also kind enough to give her a landline phone number and extension number so that she can inquire about the status of completion of her PCC. All in all, a nice experience.

Now, hopefully, the next course of action would be obtaining the PCCs and then getting them translated into English due to two reasons:[irp]

  • The names in PCCs would be in Arabic. To be internationally accepted I have to get the PCCs translated into English.
  • The name convention in Iqama is different from name convention in Passport. The Iqama compounds the name with father/spouse name. E

Example: A person having his name as John Doe in passport would be John Doe Doe in Iqama and so forth. I will strive to get the translations to show the name convention to follow passport rule. I am not sure whether it will be managed or not. Hope this will be of assistance to people to want to walk this path of obtaining the Saudi Arabia PCC.

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