Saudi Arabia is 26th Happiest Country in the World – United Nations

It seems that Saudi Arabia is doing all that they can for their citizens and to ensure that they have a satisfactory and prosperous life in the Kingdom. Numerous efforts have been made to provide entertainment activities as well as a stable working environment for everyone who resides in the country, be it local or an expatriate from another country. It comes as no surprise that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been listed as the 26th happiest nation on earth. This announcement was made during a survey being conducted around the world and released by the United Nations. The neighbors to the Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates were ranked at the 17th position, mainly because of the high amount of tourism that the country experiences and due to the relaxed religious and cultural limitations which are extremely strict in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Kuwait and Qatar have been ranked 29th and 31st on the list of happiest nations.[irp]

The happiness found in the Kingdom is reflected greatly by their High Life Expectancy, an extremely high ecological footprint and relatively high levels of experienced well-being. The list of happiest nations which had been released by the United Nations is dominated by Northern European nations. These include Denmark which was leading the list as the happiest nation on earth, followed by Finland, Norway, Netherlands and Canada. According to the statistics which were published by the Economy and Planning Ministry, the per capita income in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had reached up to SAR 49,000. The per capita income of the country, however, stayed at the same level as the previous year due to the high surge in population that was experienced by the Kingdom during the previous year. The per capita income of the Kingdom is almost half of that of the United States

The list of unhappy nations which was also published by the United Nations is dominated by the poor African Countries. Topping the list of unhappy nations is Togo, which is followed by Benin, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Comoros, Burundi, Haiti, and Tanzania. A 150-page report was issued on this list. Even though the nation and its citizens are reportedly extremely happy with all the progress that the Kingdom has experienced in the past years, it is reported that the House of Saud has not been happy during the previous years.

Even with so much money, luxury and influence the Royal family has been reported as being frustrated as even though they have all the money one could ever desire in this world, they cannot exactly get what they want. This is the image which is created by western media of the House of Saud.[irp]

Something which they have conveniently forgotten is that frustrated leaders or unhappy leaders usually results in the country going in a downward spiral and not achieving such greatness as the Kingdom has achieved.  A happy nation cannot exist under an unhappy leader.

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