9 Unbelievable Stats about the Youtube viewership from Saudi Arabia

The Saudi people are always on the lookout for entertainment. Since most of their major cities do not offer entertainment like other countries, due to their religious and cultural restrictions, most Saudi men and women have turned to YouTube for entertainment and to pass their time. During a media event, the video giant YouTube had announced that they would be opening a local domain for YouTube considering the region has the most viewers of the site, all over the world. They also revealed some facts and figures about the volume of YouTube accessed in Saudi Arabia and the African Mena region, which I am sure most people would not know;[irp]

1-The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been ranked 1st all over the world for the highest number of YouTube views in the world per Internet users.

2-The daily views on the YouTube site have increased by 50 percent from last year and this growth rate is expected to continue to next year.

3-YouTube views from the MENA region has grown twofold from last year.

4-USA has the most number of daily views on YouTube followed by MENA and then Brazil.

5-Saudi Arabia is the leader in the region for most video playbacks followed by Egypt, Morocco and finally UAE.

6-YouTube experiences 4 Billion views every day which has increased by 50 percent from last year.

7-Around 60 hours of video material is uploaded onto the site almost every minute.

8-There is a total of 167 million video views every day only from the MENA region.

9-Saudi Arabia is responsible for almost 90 Million daily views to the video website YouTube.

Although the government in Saudi Arabia strictly monitors Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it has not yet interfered in this area by restricting or limiting the access of content on YouTube which is posted from within the Kingdom. This freedom of expression on the site has been vital for the startup and growth of entertainment agencies from the region such as U-TURN. All the employees working in U-TURN have been brought up in Saudi Arabia and completely understand the limitations and sensitive issues of the country and its culture. Additional research on the region has shown that the people of Saudi Arabia are the most active users of Twitter all over the world. Nearly 32 percent of all the internet users in Saudi Arabia are active on Twitter, which means that not only do they have accounts on the site, they also use them actively. Here are some statistics on data usage in YouTube according to different countries.

1-The number of uploads from Saudi Arabia increased by 200 percent and the number of views increased by around 260 percent.

2-In Jordan uploads increased by 140 percent and the number of views also increased by almost 240 percent.

3-The number of uploads from Egypt increased by 150 percent and their number of views increased by 220 percent

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