6 Photography Tips for Beginners in Saudi Arabia

Are you new to photography? Do you need some help to start off your photography in the right way? This is something we can help you with. Digital photography nowadays can be extremely scary especially if you are a beginner. The numerous controls on your camera and other customization options just confuse the beginner photographer rather than assist them. Here are some tips for beginner photographers to pay close attention to. However, if you don’t consider yourself among beginners, you should read our other article – Photography Tips for Professionals.[irp]

1-Do not stress out about the quality of your digital camera, it is also possible due to the great number of reviews on each product you may find yourself running ion circles, not being able to decide what to buy. It is also too easy to convince yourself that your inappropriate photography equipment is what is holding you back. However, this is not the case as any camera can take a beautiful picture.

2-Choosing the right shooting mode for your job is essential. The scene modes in your digital camera are fine for casual snapshots, however, if you want to be a tad bit more creative with your photos then you should step up to the slightly advanced semi-automatic shooting mode. You can also rotate the camera dial to shift through shutter speed combinations and aperture settings, to get different results in the same shot.

3-You shouldn’t feel obligated to use the camera manually as there are a lot benefits to using the Automatic mode in the camera.  Although manually using the cameras can help you customize your photograph to no end, automatic camera modes can also give you great results.

4-It is essential that photographers wait for the right light, as it is all there is to photography. Many photographers are not patient enough to camp out hours for the perfect light to take a shot. If you plan to shoot outside, for instance, it is best to head on over to the location when it is particularly cloudy and the best times are either sunset or sunrise which give you softer light in comparison to the afternoon of a clear day.

5-Nearly all digital cameras offer two different file formats for your photographs. These are either JPEG or RAW. JPEG images save all the choices made by the camera and lock the image. This means that any editing needs to be done by Photoshop or any other editing tools. RAW, on the other hand, does not lock in options and allows you to change the settings of your camera, which can affect the photograph.

6-One should not be afraid of making mistakes, as nearly all the best professional photographers didn’t just wake up one day and become the best photographers. They, like all of us, stumbled around, awkwardly played with the buttons and features, maybe even became disheartened with their own work. However, with practice and determination, they were finally able to capture one image, which in turn sparked the fire inside them to take up photography professionally.

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