Ziona Chana: A lucky man with 39 wives and 127 Children

Most of the men find it difficult to deal with 1 wife and a few children. However, there is a man in India who has a family to the size of a battalion. When it was last counted, Ziona Chana had 39 wives, 94 children and from those children 33 grandchildren. The whole family resides together in Ziona Chana’s 4 stories, 100 room house, which has been built in the hills of the Baktwang village within the state of Mizoram in India. If I was a politician, I would be on great terms with Mr. Chana, as that are a lot of votes and in some cases, every vote counts. Most politicians who think like me have become extremely friendly towards the family.[irp]

Mr. Chana stated to Agence France Presse, while seated in his house, that the family and he had been seeing a rush of politicians who would come to their house on the last few days of their campaigning and ask them for their votes. He added that during the elections in his city every vote does count as the margins for victory are very narrow. Hence his 100 plus voted makes him an important ally. The Indian elections were expected to become the biggest exercise that had taken place in a democracy in the history of this earth. All in all, around 815 million people were eligible to vote in the days between 7th of April and 12th of May. Polling stations amounting to 930,000 were set up all around the country and it took a rough total of around 12 million people to operate the polling stations.

However, in the remote state of Mizoram in the northeast, Chana who is the self-proclaimed head of the world’s largest family is a kingmaker in the region. Whichever direction he chooses, his whole family follows, and a family of this size usually goes in the direction which they want to win. The state, which has a population of 700,000 eligible voters out of 1.1 million citizens, began its vote on a Friday. Mr. Chana and his clan comprise of over 160 members out of those 700,000. Chana states that whenever the family goes to vote, they all vote for the same candidate. This means that one candidate has 160 confirmed odd votes only from one family, as stated by one of Chana’s many wives.[irp]

Chana himself is also the leader of a religious sect which comprises of around 4000 members and distributes his time equally amongst his families, obviously, wants something in return for his support. Chana, who once married 10 women within the same year, stated that all he wants is good governance in his area and the well-being of his state.

He also stated that he does not want any personal favors or favors for his family from the politicians. Chana considers him a very lucky man for being married to 39 women and becoming the head of the world’s largest family.

Source: Washington Post

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